Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Governor DeSantis Disagrees with the Use of a Queer-themed Graphic Book

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In what turned out to be a bold step, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis enlisted in the 2024 US presidential election race. As part of DeSantis’ efforts to up his popularity poll, he honored a call for a debate against California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Alt Text: Mugshots of Gov. DeSantis and Gov. Newsom
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During one of such debates, DeSantis brandished a very graphical queer-themed book that Californian schools were using for instruction. Sean Hannity of Fox News hosted the duo’s debate as they prepared for the coming general elections. 

Several points came up during the debate between DeSantis and Newsom. However, one of the obviously controversial topics is the incorporation of queer education into Californian curricula.

This clearly unhinged and dissatisfied DeSantis, a strong indication of what Americans might expect if he wins the Republican candidacy.

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Gov. DeSantis came to the studios of Fox News with a copy of Gender Queer: A Memoir, an illustrated book written by 34-year-old Maia Kobabe. Kobabe is an author and cartoonist that writes books and comics with queer themes. 

After calling attention to the adult contents in Kobabe’s book, DeSantis alleges that Gov. Newsom has permitted such books in Californian public schools. However, he equally asserts that Florida’s school curricula do not allow such works of literature..

Gov. DeSantis went as far as saying that making Kobabe’s book available to Californian students in public school is as bad as actively exposing them to pornography.

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Likewise, he gave hints on how the legislation in California permits youngsters to have sex-altering surgeries without their parent’s consent. According to DeSantis, such legislation grossly disrespects the parent’s right to contribute to major decisions of their kids.

Finally, Gov. DeSantis took another Jab at Newsom over the lack of restraint for Californians concerning their right to abortion. FOX News host — Sean Hannity actually asked a question that was an offshoot of the abortion topic. 

Hannity’s question revolved around whether Gov. Newsom has any speedbreakers for the pro-abortion legislation of California that may allow women to seek for an abortion at up to eight months of pregnancy.

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In response to DeSantis’ comments, Newsom got quite passionate and agitated. First, the Californian governor excused away the lack of restrictions on abortion.

He claims that the decision of when and why to terminate a pregnancy is up to a mother and her doctor. Newsom also argued that the State is responsible for providing such women with the necessary medical care to help them maintain optimum health.

About the queer book, Newsom commented that DeSantis was out on an obsessive frenzy to ban books, which Newsom thinks is poor prioritization. Likewise, he called out DeSantis for how he runs people he disagrees with through the mud.

Hannity also pointed out that district administrators vest the decision of what books to use in public schools, and it is not necessarily the state governor’s responsibility.

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