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Protect the Cops! Citizens Shout As Crime Rates Climb

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The United States is a powerful nation, especially when there is an external threat, like a stubborn country courting danger. However, the US is not so big and scary regarding internal threats. 

How else would one explain the proliferation of crime in the streets of the country’s cities? According to survey data, there is violent crime happening all over the nation, causing more people to wonder what happened to the police. 

It’s simple: they are no longer getting adequate funding. Many are aware of this and are coming to the defense of police to decry the liberal “defund” movement. According to a new survey, up to 60% of people oppose defunding police operations, with 44% opposing “strongly.”

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Who could blame them? Crime is indeed up. 

The new NSA/TIPP Survey shows that 42% blame the defund movement for the increased crime rate. About 49% said it had no impact.

For a long time, Sheriffs have been playing a pivotal role in capping crime and fighting the chaos on the border, a result of President Joe Biden’s open borders agenda. The agenda has seen a rise in illegal immigrants moving into communities around the nation.

Analyzing the survey results, Collin County, Texas, Sheriff Jim Skinner said:

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“The strain on local resources, particularly for border sheriffs and law enforcement nationwide facing insufficient staffing and funding to address the surge in migrant inflows, is a significant concern. This ongoing impact extends to communities nationwide, grappling with heightened levels of violent criminals, illegal drugs, and an overall surge in criminal activity, thereby stretching public safety resources to their limits.”

The liberal defund movement became famous all over the nation following the demise of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody in May 2020. 

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Many communities embraced the movement’s push to cut funding to police in hopes it would handcuff their actions and prosecutions. However, since it came into play, the crime rate has increased, and not just any violent ones, including murders and armed carjackings. 

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In light of that, many pro-defund officials are now reversing course. But it will take a lot to overturn the mandate altogether. The movement reportedly has ample support inside cities. 

According to the survey: “By area type, urban residents support the movement at 48% to 42%. On the other hand, most suburban residents (71%) and rural residents (67%) oppose the movement.”

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This may result from politics and the congestion of liberals in big cities. 

The analysis also says, “There are stark differences based on party and ideology. Democrats support it 50% to 38%, while liberals support it 50% to 40%. On the other hand, Republicans (76%) and independents (69%) oppose the movement, as do conservatives (67%) and moderates (68%).”

One good thing from the survey of 1,400 Americans is that many now seem more satisfied with their local law enforcement. Even the Democrats. Overall, 62% are satisfied.

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