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“Woke” Media’s Attempt to Cancel a Child Over a Racist Hoax Meets Heavy Backlash

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Child with Kansas City Face Paint
Source: LLM/X

There’s only so much anyone can do about the “cancel culture” nowadays. From the look of things, everyone has resigned to fate and accepted that it has come to stay.

But regardless, there are boundaries that the proponents of the cancel culture must not cross to maintain the general level of acceptability it has enjoyed. One of them is never bringing a child into something as humiliating as this.

However, it seems that the “woke” media didn’t catch the memo as they tried to “cancel” a young boy following CBS’s Sunday NFL coverage. But some sane people weren’t having it and fired back at the bullies in what many have termed “spectacular.”

According to reports, the child, about ten years old, is a Kansas City Chiefs fan. He attended the team’s away game against Las Vegas in a painted face and with an American Indian headdress on. Some X (former Twitter) users were enraged by this and called it a “racist costume.” 

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“Speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress,” read an article by a Deadspin sports writer, Carron J. Phillips. “It takes a lot to disrespect two groups of people at once,” he had written. “But on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time.”

According to another sports media outlet, the fan wore “blackface” and displayed Native-American racism. “Blackface” is an offensive way non-Blacks wear dark makeup to mock Black people.

However, this wasn’t what the boy did. Phillips and his cohorts focused on the black side of his face, but a complete picture showed he painted the other half of his face red. This perfectly aligns with the Kansas City Chiefs colors. 

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Did the child’s costume offend the black players on Chiefs? It didn’t seem so. Even among the Native Americans, the offensiveness of the boy’s appearance is still subject to debate.  

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Meanwhile, regardless of the child’s motives, it was still distasteful and disgusting to see adults shamelessly bash a little boy way below their age grade. It was worse that their outrage was over a false narrative. Many felt the media had no moral right to shame a child for innocently wearing something that may offend others.  

In an exciting twist, the child’s mother has revealed, and family records confirmed that they are Native Americans. It’s unheard of for a parent to dress their child up in an attire that ridicules their race or ethnicity. Also, an outfit cannot be termed “offensive” to Native Americans when it’s worn by a Native American.

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Sadly, Deadspin hasn’t corrected their false narrative or issued an apology for that. If anything, they have embarrassingly justified their stance.

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According to a White editor, it’s “not in her place” to give a verdict on whether the costume fanned the embers of racism since Phillips is Black. Meanwhile, Phillip has unintelligently come out to say that the fact that the child was wearing the team’s colors “makes it even worse.”

Phillip has sacrificed an innocent child on the altar of political correctness or sensationalism, and it’s disgusting to see. While every profession will always have rotten eggs, his actions have hit a record low. The public fear things will only worsen in the media space if people like Phillips are allowed to progress in error.

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