Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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HomeNewsMassachusetts Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Neo-Nazi Group Causing Social Unrest 

Massachusetts Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Neo-Nazi Group Causing Social Unrest 

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NSC-131 is a Neo-Nazi group that has been plying its trade in New England for a while now. They are a group of white natives looking to canvass for a whites-only New England.

NSC-131 leader undergoing deposition in court
Source: @masslivenews/X

To this end, they harass minority groups like migrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community. All such activities are to intimidate minorities and motivate a mass exit of such from the region.

Unfortunately for NSC-131, Attorney General Joy Campbell would have none of such activities in Massachusetts. She recently filed a five-count charge against the Neo-Nazi group in a 26-page document.

NSC-131 has mostly been a tough nut for authorities to crack. So, the attorney general’s lawsuit will be Massachusetts’ first major effort to put the group in reins. All the charges in the lawsuit borders on conspiracy, civil rights violations, and trespass.

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Last week, while announcing the filing of the lawsuit, the attorney general said, “NSC-131 has engaged in a concerted campaign to target and terrorize people across Massachusetts and interfere with their rights.”

So, the goal of the lawsuit is to check the disruptive activities of the Neo-Nazis. The 29-page case file specifically spells out that NSC-131 has a custom of attacking particular categories of people.

For example, they have a habit of disrupting drag queen story hours. Likewise, they often identify facilities, like hotels, temporarily accommodating asylum seekers. Besides intimidating the migrants, NSC-131 usually disrupts their hosts’ business.

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Kris Goldsmith, founder of Task Force Butler, is quite glad that the state is finally trying to put NSC-131 in check. Task Force Butler is a research group run by veterans who actively fight against white supremacy movements. So, the attorney general’s lawsuit against Neo-Nazism in Massachusetts is a welcome development with them.

There are several neo-Nazi movements in the US, but NSC-131 has made a name for itself in the New England states. Nationalist Social Club-Anti-Communist Action is the full rendering of NSC.

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The group claims its goal is to resist the Jewish domination of the system and disrupt all plans to end or replace the white race.

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There are identifiable trends in the activities of NSC-131. For example, they often dorn dark clothing and have demonstrations in masks. While some of these demonstrations are not physical or violent, they usually involve chants and banners that constitute hate speech.

On some occasions, social disruptions by NSC-131 result in violent scuffles with members of the public. This earns NSC-131 the plaque of the most violent neo-Nazi organization in the US.

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To make a case against the group, Attorney General Joy Campbell obtained visual evidence of the violent tendencies of NSC-131. Some of the content on the group’s social media channels depicts their members concealing dangerous weapons before protests and intimidating their victims with them.

It is public knowledge that the neo-Nazi group runs a Telegram channel where they post videos of their socially deviant and disruptive activities.  

At the end of this case, there is no likelihood that Liam McNeil or Chris Hood, leaders of NSC-131, will be sentenced to jail. However, the judgment may come in the form of restricting orders or even compounding fines on NSC-131 activities.

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