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Memphis Residents Call for the Deployment of the National Guard to Curtail Crime Wave

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Crime waves may not be peculiar to this year alone, as far as Memphis, Tennessee, is concerned. However, the number of the 2023 incidents is astronomically higher than crime rates from the previous year.

Police tapes off a crime scene
Source: getBusyChild/Reddit

The situation is so bad that some law-abiding citizens are seriously considering moving out of the state to safer climes. 

Cases of carjacking, homicides, public brawls, and highway rage seem to be running wild in the state. Multiple cases of similar proportions keep springing up at random locations around the city.

Interestingly, the popular opinion poll is that bringing in the National Guard will help address the security challenges of Memphis. However, Police Chief C.J. Davis disagrees with the salvation of the National Guard. 

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If intergang crimes were the norm in Memphis, law enforcement would advise law-abiding citizens to stay safe and avoid flashpoints. However, recent trends reveal that the incidents are becoming unpredictable. Last Sunday, Dr Alexander Bulakhov, a researcher at St. Jude, was shot during a robbery in the presence of his family. 

Gunshots were heard in the parking lot of the new Topgolf recreational facility; store robberies are becoming more common. Likewise, there are reports of the looting of a FedEx truck and drivers blocking off local interstates, brandishing weapons, and having car spin orgies. 

State Senator Brent Taylor is trying to spur the relevant authorities to intervene in the prevailing situations in Memphis. Taylor is a Republican representing portions of Shelby County and East Memphis.

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Part of his initiative to spotlight the crime wave in Memphis is writing to Governor Bill Lee. To keep all administrators on the same page, Taylor also sent letters to Mayor-elect Paul Young and outgoing Mayor Jim Strickland. 

Through his letters, Sen. Taylor is making the governor and mayors realize the dire situation in Memphis. He believes deploying more Highway Patrol officers will help secure Memphis highways.

However, in response to calls for deploying the National Guards to Memphis, Taylor thinks the idea needs to be more counterintuitive. For one, he believes National Guards do not have enough training for law enforcement. Likewise, Memphis has a vast landmass, making it challenging to tail some criminals in the city. 

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Instead, Taylor recommends stepping up the number of officers on highway patrol. Also, he recommends stepping up the judicial system in the state to serve as a deterrent to criminals. If criminal arrests translate to jail time, criminal minds will naturally call themselves to order. 

Analysts suggest that the crime wave is not peculiar to Memphis. However, it is becoming a severe issue due to lapses in law enforcement. For example, there are also recurrent occurrences of carjacking in Washington.

However, the culprits are getting arrested and prosecuted. On the contrary, criminal minds are having a full day in Memphis with minimal retribution for their actions. 

Just like Gov. Lee and Sen. Taylor, Chief Taylor does not think the intervention of the National Guard in Memphis will address the growing crime rates. 

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