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LSU Star Angel Reese Sparks Controversy After Waving Goodbye to Middle Tennessee Player Who Fouled Out

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Angel Reese defending her net
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In the midst of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament’s round of 32, LSU Tigers’ standout player Angel Reese found herself at the center of a contentious moment. As the game against Middle Tennessee State unfolded, Reese engaged in a battle with opposing players, particularly the “bigs” of Middle Tennessee State.

The tension reached its peak when Anastasiia Boldyreva of Middle Tennessee State fouled out in the third quarter, prompting Reese to wave goodbye to her opponent as she returned to the bench.

The gesture, captured by ESPN cameras, drew attention and sparked controversy, especially considering the close scoreline of the game at the time.

Although LSU was leading by only six points when Boldyreva fouled out, the momentum seemingly shifted in favor of LSU after Reese’s action. Despite LSU’s eventual victory with a final score of 83-56, Reese’s actions garnered significant attention on social media.

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Critics of Reese were quick to condemn her behavior, citing it as unsportsmanlike and lacking in class. One fan criticized Reese’s actions on a social media platform, suggesting that such behavior was not a display of sportsmanship.

“Waving goodbye while you’re up 6 on an 11 seed isn’t the flex you think it is Angel. Not to mention the flop,” one fan wrote on X.

“Angel Reese waving bye bye as opponent fouls out. When people say she has no class, look no further. And her coach condones it,” another fan added on X with clown emojis.

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But fans of Reese came to her defense. However, supporters of Reese rallied to her defense, commending her assertiveness and resilience in the face of criticism.

“I love that Angel Reese knows y’all are gonna talk trash about her and still does whatever she wants to do,” one Reese fan wrote. “She a real one and y’all can’t stand it.”

Another added that they wanted more trash-talking in sports and had no problem with Reese’s energy. Reese’s controversial conduct is not unprecedented. In a previous championship game against Iowa, Reese engaged in similar trash-talking behavior with an opponent.

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Despite the backlash, LSU emerged victorious in that game, ultimately clinching the national title. Reese’s impressive performance in the tournament, including her notable stat line of 20 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, and two steals, further solidified her reputation as a formidable player.

Looking ahead, LSU advances to the Sweet 16, where they await the winner of the UCLA versus Creighton matchup. As the tournament progresses, the possibility of a rematch between LSU and Iowa looms large should both teams advance to the regional final.

Meanwhile, Middle Tennessee State concludes their season with a commendable record of 30-5, having made a significant impact with their upset victory over Louisville earlier in the tournament.

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In the realm of collegiate women’s basketball, controversies and heated exchanges are not uncommon. While divisive, Angel Reese’s actions underscore the sport’s competitive spirit and intensity, adding an intriguing layer to the ongoing NCAA Tournament saga.

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