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Ames Departmental Store Set to Make a Return After Closing Down Multiple Stores

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Entrance to one of the Amen stores
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Late in 2022, according to a LinkedIn profile, Ames, based out of New York, was set to return in the spring of 2023. The page stated that the owners of Bradlees Department Stores PLC, Molyneux Group, would spearhead the re-opening.

A webpage that appeared to be tied to the Ames Department Stores chain also referenced a spring 2023 return and that more, including locations and opening dates, would be announced in the coming months.

When the announcement was made, those full of hope and nostalgia were looking forward to an Ames return. However, many became skeptical as time went on.

WJAR 10 began investigating the claims and stated that they were unable to get in contact with anyone from Molyneux Group and doubts that they were actually restarting Ames began to surface.

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However, efforts to verify the organizers of this alleged store comeback have proven challenging, and obtaining confirmation has been elusive.

Decades after shutting down numerous stores, online discussions have once again hinted at a possible revival of Ames Department Stores, despite past conjectures that failed to materialize.

Previously, the website had indicated that the store was targeting a comeback in 2023, although this endeavor did not come to fruition. In light of recent developments, USA TODAY has reached out for additional information. An X account claiming to be operated by Ames has made a new announcement.

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“Ames” formally announced on the Twitter page that June 2026 is the new scheduled opening date for brick & mortar Ames locations. There are currently 35 locations planned to open across the United States by late 2027, with plans to add more locations during 2028.

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Headquartered in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, the former chain of discount retailers closed its doors in 2002 after over four decades of operation. Ames ceased operations at over 300 department stores, resulting in 21,500 employees being left unemployed.

This occurred a year after the company filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States, as reported by the Wall Street Journal at the time.

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As of Monday, Ames could not be reached by USA TODAY to confirm whether the proposed new locations will indeed be opened. This also marks the return of Ames Cafe, which will be located inside each of the 35 locations, according to the company.

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The new Ames website will also allow online ordering and home delivery. Plans for a pharmacy at participating locations are also in the works, Ames said. However, why did Ames face financial challenges?

The company, under the leadership of former chairman and CEO Joseph R. Ettore, began experiencing financial strain when retail giants Walmart and Target established their presence in its vicinity during the 1990s, as previously documented by the Wall Street Journal.

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