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Korina Harrison Still Loved Corey When They Split: Find Out Why It Happened

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Korina Harrison is most famous for marrying Corey Harrison, one of the vibrant characters from the hit show “Pawn Stars.” 

“Pawn Stars” is a reality TV series that follows the daily happenings of the 24-hour World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shop has a lot of history behind it as it is a family-owned business.

Richard “Old Man” Harrison and his son Rick Harrison originally owned and ran it. Corey’s tie to the pawn shop is from being Rick’s son. He has been active in the shop since he was a boy of nine and is now positioned to take over from his father. 

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Corey eating a steak
Corey eating a steak (Source: Pinterest)

As far as things go, Corey’s financial life is going well. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his love life. Korina Harrison was the second woman he divorced. 

Who Is Korina Harrison?

Korina Harrison was Corey Harrison’s second wife. She worked as an executive assistant in Las Vegas when they tied the knot. 

Their relationship can be traced back to 2016. Corey was very fond of posting adorable pictures with her on Instagram. They married on May 26, 2017, in Korina’s hometown San Diego. It was an intimate event.

The pair announced they were expecting their first child together in March 2018. Their excitement to become parents was palpable, and they shared much of it with their fans on social media. 

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They revealed the child’s sex early. It was a boy, and they had decided to name him Richard in honor of Corey’s grandfather. Their behavior baffled many because, in August 2018, Corey and Korina filed for divorce. It was on the grounds of their disharmonious work lives, but they still had a lot of love for one another. 

Corey Harrison on a date with Korina Harrison
Corey Harrison on a date with Korina Harrison (Source: Pinterest)

Korina and Corey remained friends even after the divorce, so it was not difficult for them to be happy they were having a child. They welcomed their son in October 2018 and have been great co-parents.

Korina and Corey keep everything about their child away from the media, having chosen to give him a private life. They seemingly tried to give things one more shot in 2019 when Corey shared emotional posts about Korina on his Instagram page. However, they made no formal declarations and stopped posting pictures together after some time. 

Who Did Corey Harrison Marry Before Korina Harrison?

The first woman Corey Harrison married was Charlene Steele, his high school sweetheart. They met and fell in love during his high school days, then got married in 2009. After their wedding, she started working at the shop alongside him. 

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In 2010, she created her online business, Sweet Tempered Homemade Accessories. The company dealt with the making of customized handmade accessories for music and roller derby lovers. 

Corey and Charlene ended their marriage in 2015, but the reasons were not revealed to the public. Some have speculated that the split has much to do with Corey’s hectic schedule and affinity for parties. 

Who Came After Korina Harrison?

Shortly after his brief reconciliation with Korina, Corey posted a cute picture of him posing with a woman in March 2020. Her name is Tara Pasley, and very little is known about her identity. 

Still, many reports highlighted her as the new woman in Corey’s life. Unfortunately, it remained all speculation because Corey did not personally confirm they were together. The famous reality TV star enjoys keeping his personal affairs private and does not comment much on it publicly. 

The cast of the “Pawn Stars” series (Source: Pinterest)

More recently, an unnamed blonde woman has been sighted on his Instagram, indicating that his relationship with Pasley may be over. However, nobody but Corey knows for sure where his romantic interests lie. 

Corey’s Life at the Pawn Shop

By season 6 of “Pawn Stars,” Corey demanded and got some ownership of the shop. He had initially demanded 10%, but his father beat it down to 5% with an assurance of growth. 

Corey gladly took it back then, and his ownership has since grown. Rick still owns most of the store, but Corey is now well-positioned to take his place someday. His business is going well, and fans hope he settles down soon, even though he divorced twice and might not be interested in rushing toward a third union.

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