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Mary Jolivet Rose to Fame on Her Son’s Wings: She Helped Him Realize His Passion

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Mary Jolivet is famous for being Finn Wolfhard’s mother. 

Finn is a fast-rising actor riding the wave of popularity following his portrayal of Mike Wheeler on the beloved TV series “Stranger Things.” His career has seen continual growth since he appeared in the series. 

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Finn Wolfhand from "Stranger Things"
Finn Wolfhand from “Stranger Things” (Source: Pinterest)

It opened doors for him, allowing him to appear in movies like “The Turning” and “It.” Finn is a talented young man, but he has admitted that he could not have done it without his parents. His rise to stardom prompted curiosity about his roots, and we found a close-knit family that supports one another. 

What We Know About Mary Jolivet, Finn Wolfhard’s Mother

Mary Jolivet is the mother of the rising star, which attracted a lot of attention. However, she prefers to keep things low-key. Most of what is known about her are things Finn has shared with his fans. 

Finn Wolhfand and his mom Mary Jolivet
Finn Wolhfand and his mom Mary Jolivet (Source: Pinterest)

Mary is a former designer for the children’s clothing company Dormouse and has dedicated her time to her son’s career. She shares a great bond with the young actor, who often praises her on his Instagram page. 

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Finn may have also gotten his acting streak from Mary’s side of the family. Her late great-grandaunt, Rita Jolivet, was, after all, a silent film actress. She was active between 1914 and 1926, appearing in at least 20 films. 

Who Is Finn Wolfhard’s Father?

Finn’s father is Eric Wolfhard, a brilliant man. He is a lawyer who studied at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

Finn Wolfhand with his father Eric
Finn Wolfhand with his father Eric (Source: Pinterest)

Eric went on to study copyright law at HarvardX, a distance learning facility linked to Harvard University. He is a researcher on indigenous land boundaries and other aboriginal land issues. He and Finn have bonded over this topic as he taught him about the history of indigenous communities. 

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Mary Jolivet and Her Husband Supported Finn’s Creative Streak

Finn Wolfhard is where he is today because of Mary Jolivet and her husband. The couple has been nothing short of supportive of his career, and he is never shy to praise them for it. 

They travel with him sometimes despite his career taking him worldwide. As such, they are no strangers to traveling mishaps. One time, they were stranded at JFK airport due to a snowstorm, and one of his parents had to sleep on the floor.

Finn enjoys spending time with his family too. When the pandemic became very serious in 2020, he returned home to them in Vancouver, where he remained quarantined after the “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” production filming was postponed. 

Mary and her husband are also great lovers of creativity. They are lovers of music and are proud owners of a record player. It was this very quality that influenced Finn’s love for the arts. 

As a child, he loved the classics. His parents also liked movies and once told him he looked like the late actor John Cassavetes’ character from the classic film “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Later, Eric bought Finn “John Cassavetes: Five Films” from The Criterion Collection as a gift for Christmas and his birthday. It consisted of all of the late actor’s successful films.

Finn can’t help but be thankful for his supportive family. He said they pushed him to pursue his passions for acting and music. Their artistic spirits rubbed off on him and made him decide to go out and do something about his desire to act. 

Finn’s Brother Is Also an Actor

Finn’s brother, Nick Wolfhard, has also succeeded as a voice actor. In the past, Finn has praised him for getting him into things like film, video games, and comedy. In a tribute Finn dedicated to his brother on his 22nd birthday, he called him his best friend and declared that he loves him very much. 

Nick feels the same way about his brother and has made it evident that their bond will only continue to strengthen. Nick and his parents have become Finn’s support system, and they are doing a great job keeping him grounded as he becomes more famous. 

His role as Mike Wheeler in “Stranger Things,” one of the most streamed Netflix series ever, may have catapulted him to fame, but talent and support system will sustain him and keep him there. 

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