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Intriguing Facts About Dolly Parton’s Long-time Marriage

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Dolly Parton has lined myriads of milestones for over five decades in the spotlights. Away from her busy life as a successful singer, Parton shares quality time with Carl Dean, her Husband of 55 years and counting.

Although Dolly Parton’s career has spanned over five decades, it took her only a few years to stamp her place in the history of music. The star is a country legend whose influence in music goes beyond the country sphere.

Stars in Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B have attested to how her touch reverberates in some of their sounds. However, away from the spotlight and undisputable expertise, Parton is the long-time wife of businessman Carl Dean. Here are some interesting facts on the long-spanning union.

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Parton and Dean Have Been Married For Over Five Decades

It is safe to say that the music star’s marriage has lasted longer than her career, and Parton is not even retired yet. She and Dean met on the first day she moved to Nashville to follow her music dreams in 1964.

At the time, she was 18, and the then-young Dean was 21. The pair hit it off right from the start, and after two years, they secretly got married, with only Parton’s mom in attendance.

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Dean Prefers To Stay Off the Spotlight

From the start, Dean cherished his privacy, and through the years that he and Parton have been together, he maintained his penchant for a low profile.

Parton Has Shared that Dean Has Watched Her Perform Only A few Times.

Once speaking with Ellen DeGeneres, the “Jolene” crooner shared that her husband prefers not to watch her while she performs on stage. She joked that he was often scared for her about “messing up.”

They Have No Children

Paton comes from a family of eight children, and she once shared that she helped raise her younger sibling. The star who doesn’t have a child of her own is happy being a great aunt. She is also the godmother of star singer Miley Cyrus.

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Parton Was Once Accused of Having A Fake Marriage

Dan and his wife made sure to keep their marriage away from drama, sadly they could not avert the outside world’s drama. Parton was once accused of faking her marriage. There were speculations that the marriage was a setup because of how Dean was not often seen with her in public.

Dolly Says the Secret to Her Long-lasting Marriage is to “Stay Gone.”

She once noted that she often got the question about how she and her husband kept their marriage going. The star noted that she would always reply that the secret was to “stay gone.”

Parton shared that she traveled a lot, and when she was at home, she and Dean cherished the time together. The star noted that Dean does not care about what she chose to wear and loves her for who she is.

Dean Inspired Some of Her Songs

Parton’s discography is filled with hit songs, and among those chart-topping tracks, Dean has inspired some of them. Parton’s inspiration for “Jolene,” “Forever Love,” and “From Here to the Moon and Back” were from her husband.

Dean was Smitten From the First Moment
The 79-year-old once opened up about the first time he met his wife. Dean shared that he thought she was beautiful, and he thought she would become his wife.

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