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Rebel Wilson’s Body Transformation and Positivity Over The years

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Fans witnessed Rebel Wilson’s transformation in the past year as she embarked on a “year of health.” But one thing to note is that even at her biggest, Wilson promoted body positivity.

Rebel Wilson is one Hollywood star whose acting expertise in the comic world makes her an A-list star. One thing fans gleaned from her, apart from her goofy roles, was her level of confidence.

Wilson has never shied away from speaking her mind on the matter of weight and societal expectations. The star embarked on a successful weight loss journey in recent times, but she still holds on to body positivity.

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Wilson on Body Positivity

The “Pitch perfect” actress took to Instagram last year to announce her “year of health” challenge. And in the months that followed, Wilson’s goal to drop some lbs was achieved.

However, it is noteworthy that she never felt pressure to lose weight. If anything, Wilson has always been one star who pushed for body image positivity. In one of her old interviews, the 41-year-old noted that sticking to her own beauty standards helped her career.

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Wilson once recalled going into her agent’s office when she initially started her career. The actress noted that once she was sighted, they employed her the next day.

The “Pooch Perfect” actress made it known that she had no inhibitions when it came to food, but she still makes sure to check for nutritional values. She added that moving to Los Angeles further made her conscious of healthy eating.

While Wilson still loves her ice cream and other delicacies, she tries to integrate a healthy routine. The singer added that she tried new recipes like green juice.

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A Worthy Body Image Advocate

The “Nights at the Museum” actress has shared that she believes that being a public figure makes her responsible for advocating for and encouraging body positivity.

Wilson noted in 2019 that she was geared towards dispelling notions that dictate what women should look like. The star shared that no one should be ashamed or bullied for their looks or forms.

She described herself as a “unique case” in the movie industry because women who looked like her in that sphere were few. She noted that if young women see her take interesting roles, it will boost their self-image.

Wilson’s Year of Health.

Fans watched her undergo body transformation after she shared her new year’s resolution last year. The “The Hustle” actress wasted no time starting her weight loss routine.

Wilson’s trainer, Gunnar Peterson, has shared that she took herself through rigorous workout sessions. He noted that she never misses her workout sessions, and even when she was away, Wilson was attuned.

In the past, the “Isn’t It Romantic,” actress gained more weight to fit into her comedic roles more, but she soon changed her perspective. Wilsons trainer noted that she worked on her core strength to keep her mind engaged.

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