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Inside Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen’s Friendship

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen’s friendship is one of Hollywood’s most intriguing relationship. Here’s a glimpse into their friendship.

Being a dad is never easy, but things got considerably tougher for famous TV host Andy Cohen who has had to face the task alone. Cohen, who welcomed his son Benjamin Allen via surrogate and is also dad to daughter Lucy Eve, has had to navigate the tricky task all by himself.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen's
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However, while playing a round of “Plead the Fifth” with Access Hollywood recently, Cohen disclosed he has had help parenting his young son. The Tv host credited Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Pipa, who he often turned to for parenting advice. Cohen confessed:

“I lean on both of them very heavily. Kelly found me a nanny, and Sarah Jessica found me a nanny. They have both been so helpful. “I’ve texted and called Kelly, ‘Ben has X, Y, or Z, what do I do?’ She’s like, ‘Go to CVS. Get X.’ They’re both so great,”

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While it’s surprising that Kelly Pipa has been helping Cohen, Sarah Jessica Parker’s role is what many people expected.  The “Sex and City” star and Cohen are one of the tightest friends in Hollywood. Their relationship has stood the test of time and is truly endearing, as it appears pure and genuine.

A Glimpse Into Their Friendship

Cohen and Jessica Parker’s friendship started during the early 1980s when they first crossed paths. At the time, Sarah was already well-known in the industry, while Cohen worked as a producer behind the camera for CBS News. However, a year later, at the Vanity Fair Party, the duo met again, and this time, Cohen was surprised Jessica Parker remembered him.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen's friendship
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The Bravo star recalled how the actress must have recognized something she liked in him because they soon became best friends. The unique thing about their connection is that it began when Andy Cohen was a far less well-known celebrity, which only serves to highlight how sincere their bond is.

Since then duo became inseparable friends in the industry and became friendship goals for many of their colleagues. The duo is particularly famous for attending the Met Gala together every year. Although it’s not clear why the custom began, they’ve carried on doing it since it became a thing. 

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Cohen also accompanied Jessica Parker to the premiere of “AJLT.” The inseparable friends have also gone on multiple dinners in New York and some vacations together, including one of their trips to Spain.

Cohen and Jessica Parker Defend Each Other

Like all true friends, Cohen and Jessica Parker are staunch supporters of each other, and the pair are not scared to defend one another publicly. In 2018 Jessica Parker came under fire from her “Sex and the City” co-star Kim Cattrall who claimed the actress was not her friend or family after Jessica Parker sent her a condolence message when she lost her brother.

Cattrall’s outburst surprised many people, including Cohen, who questioned what his friend did wrong on his podcast. He expressed:

“On the post, she offered her condolences. I would not call that exploiting a tragedy. What should she have done exactly? Say a terrible thing? I don’t understand.”

Also, in 2021, she faced criticism from the paparazzi concerning her gray hair during their lunch date. However, Cohen sprang to her defense, pointing out his own grey hair and asking why everyone focused on her. “It was so misogynistic,” the TV host said during an appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

Showing Love and Paying Tribute on Instagram

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On Valentine’s Day in February 2022, Cohen decided to show love and pay tribute to his special friend Jessica Parker. So the famous host took to his Instagram to share a tribute to his closest pal. Cohen shared a beautiful picture of the actress, and under the post, he wrote:

“The perfect Valentine! [Sarah Jessica Parker] on WWHL tonight!”

Cohen chose the picture of Jessica Parker from her February 14 appearance on his show “WWHL.” During that particular episode, the duo was asked many questions about each other to see if their answers matched, and they didn’t disappoint. 

Shortly after the post, many fans rushed to his comment section to laud the adorable duo. In addition, celebrity colleagues like “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Garcelle Beauvais, and  “The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Marlo Hampton both praised the duo.

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