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Sarah Jessica Parker Welcomed Twin Girls Following a Long Fertility Struggle: Meet the Actress’ Family

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s place as a mom is undisputable. The “Sex And the City” star has been open about her daunting motherhood journey, leading to the birth of her adorable kids.

And just like that, Sarah Jessica Parker became a mother of three! But her motherhood journey did not come without its pitfalls.

Best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw, the “Sex And The City” actress has been in showbiz since she was 11. She landed the career-defining role of Carrie Bradshaw in 1998 when she was in her early thirties.

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Since then, the icon has remained in the spotlight, sporting a Hollywood royalty status. She even returned to the “SATC” reboot titled “And Just Like That” in 2021, reprising the role of Carrie Bradshaw.

How Old Is Sarah Jessica Parker Now?

While Parker flawlessly played the unapologetically free-spirited New York Times reporter exploring her singlehood to the fullest on the streets of New York, her real life is a direct contrast.

At 56, she is a happily married woman, a mother of three, and a talented actress who has it all figured out and wants nothing more than to enjoy her privacy with her family.

The star tied the knot with actor Mathew Broderick in 1997 after dating for six years. The pair went on to welcome three children, James, Marion, and Tabitha.

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Today, the parents of three rank among the most successful marriages in Hollywood. But how did they get here and what hurdles did they have to scale in the process?

The First Taste Of Motherhood

Sarah Jessica Parker became a first-time mom in 2002, following the birth of her son, James Broderick. The couple conceived him via natural means five years into their marriage. Parker was 37 at the time.

James is the couple’s only son, and the only kid the star had the privilege of delivering herself. During a 2016 interview, the proud mom acknowledged her son’s birth as the greatest experience of her life.

In the same interview, the icon admitted she’d do it again as often as she could if given the chance to do so. In a sad twist, life had other plans for the showbiz idol.

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Dealing With Infertility

Following the birth of their son, Broderick and Parker tried hard to conceive again to no avail. In their bid to welcome more kids, the couple explored several options and possibilities.

When they kept failing she figured perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. Yet, they didn’t give up despite their many disappointments, even after she clocked forty.

Instead, they sought more effective means of becoming parents, eventually opting for surrogacy. Asked why she chose to enlist a surrogate mom to carry her babies, the star divulged:

“We’ve been trying to expand our family for a number of years now and we actually have explored a variety of ways of doing so. Surrogacy was one of the things we discussed with seriousness that had real possibilities for us.”

The couple took their chances, choosing Michelle Ross as the perfect candidate to bear their kid. Soon after, they shared the news with the world, explaining how excited they were to become expectant parents thanks to a generous surrogate mom.

Perhaps, making the surrogate’s name public was one mistake the duo should never have made.

A Daunting Phase

While being an expectant mom at 44 undoubtedly raised many questions, nothing could have prepared Parker for the public onslaught.

First, debate over the source of the egg used for the process arose. Many implied the eggs came from the surrogate and not Parker, who was 44 and fast-nearing menopause. However, the usually private couple failed to address the issue.

Furthermore, many accused the A-lister of being unable to conceive because she put her career before motherhood.

Michelle Ross, the surrogate was not spared from the misery. The press hounded her mercilessly, following the pregnant woman around. Her privacy became non-existent as even her phone and computer got hacked by those trying to dig out information.

At the peak of the crisis, a former police chief ended up arrested for breaking into Ross’s home to take pictures of her surrogacy files and ultrasound to sell to the press.

With their privacy in jeopardy, Parker was overwhelmed with stress, knowing she could do little to protect her surrogate and unborn babies from incessant harassment.

Eventually, what should have been a period of happiness for the expectant parents, became a period of distress and another low point in Sarah Jessica Parker’s motherhood journey.

The Twins Arrive

At the end of those grueling nine months, Parker and Broderick welcomed Marion and Tabitha successfully in June 2009. In a later interview, the actress admitted they never expected to have twins, and were overjoyed to receive the double blessings.

However, that excitement came with some reservations. In a 2010 interview, Parker got candid about the experience of welcoming her kids through surrogacy.

Sarah Jessica Parker kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

She explained how meeting her kids felt different from actually giving birth to them. The former robbed the moment of the gestational experience, making it feel like a “suspended animation.”

Notwithstanding, she found the whole experience extraordinary and amazing.

Meet Sarah Jessica Parker’s Three Children

These days, Sarah Jessica Parker, who couldn’t be more glad to have finally expanded her family, enjoys life as a doting mother of three kids.

Having lived past her years of struggle, the star is content watching her trio grow into responsible adults. And how much they’ve grown!

In an Instagram post from 2021, Parker gushed about her children, who are all grown up. She revealed one of her kids was college-bound, while the other two had become seventh graders.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s family | image: Pinterest

According to his Instagram page, James Broderick, who turned nineteen in October 2021 is a student at Brown University in Rhode Island.

His two younger siblings, Tabitha Hodge Broderick and Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick are also growing by leaps and bounds.

They turned twelve in June 2021 and are making their way in grade school successfully amid the publicity attracted by their parents’ fame.

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