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Matthew Broderick’s Road To Stardom: From Growing Up With Famous Parents To His Big Break In Hollywood

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Born to famous parents, Matthew Broderick developed a love for the arts at a young age, nurturing it into a career. Today, he is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.

Most would agree that showbiz is one risky venture few dare to thread and even fewer reach successful heights. Yet, Matthew Broderick conquered the entertainment world like he was born for it.

Then again… maybe he was. The icon came into the world as the son of actor James Broderick, plunging him into the spotlights at birth.

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Matthew Broderick | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Despite his parent’s determination to let him carve his own path without their influence, he opted to thread theirs, finding himself in a prestigious acting school in his teens.

His path got even better after conquering the world of Broadway, landing himself a famous bride, and becoming one half of a revered Hollywood power couple.

Born Into Fame

Matthew Broderick was born on March 21, 1962, to parents James and Patricia Broderick. His mom, Patricia was the infamous American playwright, painter, and daughter of Biow Company founder Milton Harry Biow.

The icon’s dad James Broderick had a league of his own as an actor best known for playing Doug Lawrence in the hit series “Family.”

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Before that, he served in the armed forces during the second world war and attempted to further his education as pre-med. While in school, his Faculty adviser recognized James’ talent and advised him to pursue acting.

He did so, kicking off a career that shot him to stardom. Some of James Broderick’s most notable roles include “Brenner,” “Family,” “A Christmas Story,” “Twilight Zone,” and “Dog Day Afternoon.”

Growing Up In The Spotlights

Matthew Broderick’s parents gave birth to him in Manhattan, New York City, where they resided. Hence, he grew up in the city, attending the prestigious private Walden School, Manhattan.

Growing up as the youngest of three children, and the only son of his parents, he easily became enthralled by their professions. He grew up accompanying his dad on set and in theaters, which triggered his love for the profession.

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Broderick recalled thinking becoming an actor availed him the opportunity to be whatever he wanted, be it a cop, a fireman, or a doctor. It seemed like the perfect profession to the indecisive young lad.

A young Matthew Broderick | Image: Pinterest
A young Matthew Broderick | Image: Pinterest

However, he lost interest in the path before he turned seven. Broderick attributed that to his poor reading culture and fear. Mostly the latter. He once revealed in an interview that he became scared of acting at that point because he wanted to do it so bad.

Thankfully, his parents never pressured him to follow in their footsteps. The star got the chance to explore other interests until he finally came to terms with the fact that acting was his true love.

He received formal acting training at HB Studio. Broderick also trained under the legendary actress and tutor Uta Hagen right after high school.

Taking On Showbiz

Equipped with the formal skills he required, Broderick began pursuing professional acting. Still unsure of his path, the actor made a deal with himself to quit acting and go to college if he did not break big within a year.

The then-19-year-old spent that year “auditioning like a mad man” finally landing a few roles that would define his career just before clocking 20.

First, he starred alongside his famous dad in the HB Studio workshop production of “On Valentine’s Day.” He went on to land roles in other gigs like the off-Broadway Production of “Torch Song Trilogy.”

Soon after that, Broderick found himself on Broadway as the star character on Neil Eugen Trilogy including “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” which won him a Tony Award.

After a successful run on Broadway, the actor made his film debut in the early eighties. He landed major roles on “Max Dungan Returns,” “WarGames,” “Ladyhawke,” and the titular character in “Ferris Bueller Day Off,” which remains his most notable role to date.

Matthew Broderick on "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" | Image: Instagram/ real_matthew_broderick
Matthew Broderick on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” | Image: Instagram/ real_matthew_broderick

Sadly, James Broderick never got to see his son’s dramatic rise to stardom. He died in 1982 following a brief battle with cancer.

A Road Bump

At the heights of his career, Matthew Broderick encountered a bump in his journey in the guise of a car accident. The star encountered a mishap in Northern Ireland in 1987.

According to reports, Broderick was driving his vehicle when he swerved into oncoming traffic, colliding with another vehicle. The crash led to the death of two commuters in the other car, leaving him and then-girlfriend Jennifer Grey with severe injuries.

Ultimately, Broderick faced charges for causing the deaths of two people by dangerous driving. Following the hearing, the actor was convicted on the lesser charge of careless driving and fined $175.

The Triumphant Return To Broadway

Broderick surpassed that glitch in one piece. Thankfully, his career did not suffer as a result. He spent the years that followed taking over the movie scenes, with roles in “Glory,” “The Lion King,” “Election” and “The Cable Guy,” before returning to Broadway in the 90s.

Broderick’s return to Broadway changed his world forever. Not only did he cement himself as a Hollywood legend, but he also met the love of his life, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker in 1993 | Image: Instagram/ real_matthew_broderick
Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker in 1993 | Image: Instagram/ real_matthew_broderick

The two became acquainted after Parker’s brother introduced them. Years later, they snagged a chance to co-star for the first time in the 1996 Broadway production, “How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.”

That performance earned Broderick another Tony Award. A year later, he married Parker. The duo went on to have three children, including son, James Broderick and twin daughters Marion and Tabitha Broderick.

Broderick Made His Mark In Hollywood

Matthew Broderick cemented his place as a Hollywood legend with roles in hit movies like the 1998 “Godzilla,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Love Is Blind,” “Daybreak,” “The Conners,” and the Christmas movie “New Year’s Eve.”

These appearances, as well as his numerous Broadway staples, earned the star a net worth of about $200 Million as of October 2021 according to The Things.

Broderick’s journey to stardom was not always bump-free, but it certainly came easier than most, making every effort invested worthwhile.

His one regret was not having his late dad witness all of it, and share in his career success. No doubt the late James Broderick would have been proud of his son.

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