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“I Don’t Think He Should Be President,” Nikki Haley Condemns Trump Ahead of State’s Primary

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Source: MEGA

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley made waves on Sunday by refusing to confirm her support for Donald Trump if he were to secure the GOP nomination for president again. Haley’s remarks, made during an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” underscore her increasingly confrontational stance towards the former president as she gears up for her home state’s primary.

During the interview, Haley emphasized her primary focus on defeating Trump in the Republican primary, stating firmly, “I’m running against him because I don’t think he should be president.” 

When pressed on whether she would support Trump if he became the nominee, Haley declined to provide a clear answer, opting instead to emphasize her commitment to her own campaign’s success.

This refusal to pledge support marks a departure from Haley’s previous statements, where she indicated she would back Trump if he won the primary. However, as her campaign has progressed, Haley has intensified her criticism of Trump, particularly regarding his remarks on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his attempts to influence the Republican National Committee.

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In her interview with ABC, Haley criticized Trump’s recent comments, describing them as “bone-chilling” and warning that they empower Putin. She also highlighted Trump’s silence on the death of Putin’s political opponent, Alexei Navalny, suggesting that his lack of response raises concerns about his alignment with Putin.

Haley’s strategy reflects a broader shift in her approach towards Trump and the Republican Party. Previously, she largely avoided direct confrontations with Trump, focusing instead on attacking President Joe Biden and promoting her own candidacy. 

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However, with the Republican field narrowing and Haley emerging as a prominent contender, she has become more assertive in her criticisms of Trump.

This shift has not come without risks for Haley. While her attacks on Trump may resonate with some Republican voters, they also carry the potential to alienate Trump’s supporters and damage her future prospects within the party. Nevertheless, Haley’s campaign appears undeterred, doubling down on its criticisms of Trump and emphasizing the need for a new direction within the GOP.

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As Haley continues to sharpen her attacks against Trump, the upcoming South Carolina primary on Feb. 24 looms as a critical test of her campaign’s viability. 

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With her refusal to pledge support for Trump, Haley is signaling her intent to challenge the former president’s influence within the party and stake out her own path forward in the Republican presidential race.


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