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Here is How Drake Has Been Reveling in Fatherhood Since Welcoming A Son

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Since he introduced his mini-me to the world, rap icon Drake has been basking in the afterglow of becoming a father while handling co-parenting. 

A-list rapper Drake became a dad almost four years ago, but the reveal was dramatic and controversial. Despite all of that, Drake is glad he can enjoy fatherhood.

Since the news of his son, Adonis Graham, became known to all, Drake has shared heartwarming photos of the crystal-blue eyes boy and the love he feels for him. Here’s all to know about his fatherhood.

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Drake Welcomes a Son

The music star, real name Aubrey Graham, who takes pride in being “October’s Very Own,” welcomed his son in his birth month. Adonis was born in 2017 to Drake and star painter Sophie Broussax. 

After Adonis’ birth, Drake took a long time before sharing the news and images of the boy. However, there were constant rumors that he fathered a child, and he did not address this for a long time.

Last year, the Grammy-winning rapper finally posted photos of his son, and it is safe to say that it was worth the wait. The blonde-curled toddler bears beautiful blue eyes with a piercing gaze.

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Adonis’ Birth Came with Drama

Around the time Broussax got pregnant, there was a handful of drama accompanied by claims. Sophie reportedly told TMZ that after informing Drake about her pregnancy, the “Best I Ever Had” rapper asked her to go for an abortion. 

There were also issues of Drake doubting he was the father, and a representative of his, at the time, said that if the baby were Drake’s, he would do right by him. Sophie ultimately hired two attorneys to defend the paternity claims. 

Drake also received backlash during his tiff with fellow rapper Pusha-T. Pusha-T addressed and called him out in a diss track, making the news of his son’s birth even more legitimate. 

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Pusha-T accused the rapper of hiding his son and not treating the mother of his child right. Drake would later address this in his song “Scorpion,” saying that he did not hide his son from the world; more like, he shielded him. 

Last year, after his exposure to the novel coronavirus, Drake had to be in isolation. However, he was missing his loved ones so much, which prompted him to share the first pictures of his boy. 

Being The Best Dad

The star revealed that he never envisioned being a single daddy, especially because he regularly called out single dad issues in his songs.

The star emphasized that he wanted to have a family unit at the right time. However, now that Adonis is here, Drake has shown that nothing stops him from loving his boy. 

The star once shared that he loved being a great father to his “beautiful boy.” The star added that he had “unconditional love” for Adonis’ mom no matter the circumstances. 

The “God’s Plan” crooner noted that he was learning to improve communications with his son’s mother because they had their moments. Above all, the A-lister said that he and Broussax know that they are equally responsible.

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