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Robin Williams was Frustrated After Misdiagnosis of Parkinson’s: Inside His Health Battles Before His Death

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Zak Williams, the son of Hollywood icon Robin Williams recently laid it bare on the difficulties his father faced towards the last days of his life as he battled a misdiagnosed ailment.

Iconic comedian Robin Williams displayed premium Hollywood content both in comedy and otherwise, but the actor suffered a health complication that eventually led to his demise.

Robin’s son, Zak Williams, recently opened up about his father’s health struggles noting how they had worked on treating him. However, the symptoms raged further before his death.

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Zak Speaks of His Dad’s Passing

The 38-year-old joined Max Lugavere on “The Genius Life” podcast, where he talked about how his late dad’s illness was highly disturbing. Zak noted that he would look at Robin and see “frustration.”

This was so because Robin could not come to terms with how his health deteriorated. Worse still, his symptoms did not match the diagnosis. Zak shared that the actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

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However, Robin felt more disturbed about how his symptoms were different from those of other Parkinson’s patients. After his death, an autopsy revealed that Robin suffered Lewy body dementia.

Lewy body dementia is a health condition that affects the brain. It occurs when protein deposits known as Lewy bodies inside the brain cells inhibit the normal function of the brain.

How His Death Affected Zak

After the “Mrs. Doubtfire” actor’s death, his son plunged into a deep depression. Zak noted that he could not endure the pain that came with his father’s death. He termed it as unmanageable.

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Zak noted that there were moments he wished he got to spend with his father, and the thoughts of that did not help him. He eventually turned to drinking, and the effect further wrecked things.


Zak said he experienced psychosis, and the chain reaction damaged his relationship with his family. He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, and from there, he began rehabilitation.

These days Zak is a mental health advocate, and he raised awareness for affordable mental health wellbeing. Earlier this month, Zak put out a soulful tribute on the 7th anniversary of Robin’s demise. He relayed that the star’s legacy would continue to live on.

Robin’s Widow Speaks on His Demise

The “Jumanji” actor’s wife, Susan Schneider Williams, granted her first interview one year after her husband’s death. She shared that her husband fell apart before her eyes, and she was helpless.

Within a space of two years, when Lewy Body dementia attacked, Robin deteriorated. His wife noted that if he had three more years to leave, they would have been “hard years.”

Susan, who was Robin’s third wife, outlined his symptoms, noting that it included sudden stiffness, slumping, and sometimes the loss of his voice. She described the late Oscar-winner as the bravest man she ever knew.

Susan noted that she did not blame her spouse for how his death happened. She relayed that she had thought about the sad development many times, but she prefers to resign to fate.

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