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Does Eddie Murphy Have a Girlfriend? Everything We Know About Paige Butcher, the Mother of Eddie Murphy’s Youngest Kids

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Paige Butcher shot to fame after she became linked to Eddie Murphy in the early ‘10s and remains the last woman identified as his girlfriend.

Eddie Murphy landed himself a new girlfriend in 2012, who went on to become his fiancée. Their relationship came six years after his divorce from ex-wife Nicole Murphy.

Given how controversial the actor’s romantic history has been, many strived to find out more about the latest queen in Murphy’s life.

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However, her absence on any social media platform made it a daunting task. Paige has attributed this nonexistent social media presence to her desire to make her life less vulnerable to the public.

Eddie Murphy and girlfriend Paige Butcher | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

But it seems those plans are not coming up as effectively as she’d hoped, as her fiancé’s popularity makes it near impossible to stay off the radar.

Here we discuss everything we’ve gathered about Paige Butcher, who became Eddie Murphy, the legendary actor’s girlfriend about a decade ago.

Who Is Eddie Murphy’s Girlfriend Paige Butcher?

Paige Butcher is a model and actress, best known for her relationship with Eddie Murphy who she has been with since becoming his girlfriend.

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The star came into the world on October 6, 1979, in Perth, Australia.  While modeling remains her primary venture, she has made appearances in hit movies like “Big Momma’s House 2.”

Paige Butcher | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

How Butcher And Murphy Became An Item

Eddie Murphy met his girlfriend on the set of “Big Momma’s House 2,” in the mid-’10s, and they hit it off instantly. Although the actor had no role in the 2006 film, he graced the set one fateful day to visit his bosom friend Martin Lawrence.

During the visit, his eyes caught the 19 years younger Australian model and they struck up a conversation. Around that time, Murphy’s divorce from Nicole was yet to be finalized and he was already nose-deep in his paternity drama with Melanie Brown.

Hence, they did not immediately become an item, but instead, remained on friendly terms. Butcher kept up her career pursuits while exploring the dating waters in the years that followed.

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Eddie Murphy and girlfriend Paige Butcher | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Finally, in 2012, the 42-year-old reconnected with Eddie, who was free from his infamous relationship dramas at the time. They began dating that same year despite their alarming age gap.

Eddie Murphy’s Girlfriend Gave Up Social Media

To avoid more dramas, Butcher, who admittedly had an active social media presence before becoming girlfriend to Eddie Murphy, deleted all her accounts.

She reportedly took that route as a means of avoiding the gossip, thereby keeping her life as private as possible. To the icon, dating a celebrity was already “too much information” on its own.

The couple has since strived to keep their relationship off social media, sharing only unavoidable details like new additions, their engagement, and special family reunions.

Paige Butcher’s Life With Eddie Murphy

Butcher’s decision to stay off social platforms seems to be paying off for the couple, as they have been together for ten years and counting.

Their union seems to have been blissful all the way considering neither drama nor scandal about them has hit the media. In fact, their lives seem like a cycle of recurrent good news, from their engagement to the birth of their kids.

The twosome welcomed their first child together in 2016, four years into their relationship. The little girl was the ninth for Eddie Murphy and the first for his beautiful girlfriend.

Two years later, a rep for the couple announced they were expecting their second child together. In the wake of the joyous announcement, the comedian popped the big question to Butcher, officially making her his fiancée.

Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Shortly after the engagement, Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy bid welcome to their second child, a son named Max Charles Murphy. The boy arrived in December 2018, making Eddie Murphy’s daughter Izzy, a big sister.

Paige Butcher’s Career

Eddie Murphy’s girlfriend began modeling at a young age thanks to her parents’ respective careers. The mother-of-two once revealed she grew up with a fashion designer mom and a dad who made a living, modeling.

Hence, as early as seven or eight, she began modeling her mom’s designs, ultimately growing into the niche. She continued into her teenage years, eventually attending Santa Monica College.

Her time in college gave her the opportunity to contest, and win a Model Search organized by Cover Girl. Winning the contest landed Butcher a contract with IMG Models, thereby kicking off her professional modeling career.

At the height of her modeling pursuit, she was featured in a 2005 swimsuit video for Maxim titled Real Swimsuit DVD Vol. 2. The video reportedly landed her a spot in “Big Momma’s House 2.”

As an actress, Butcher also appeared in the 2003 film, “Something’s Gotta Give,” marking her movie debut.

Paige Butcher Has A Flair For Charitable Causes

Aside from acting and modeling, the gold-hearted girlfriend of Eddie Murphy has her eyes set on charity causes. Following her first move to New York to pursue modeling, Butcher identified with the organization, Habitat for Humanity.

Paige Butcher and her daughter Izzy | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

As part of the charity venture, she has spent the last decades of her life taking care of the less privileged and building habitable houses for them.

Having learned a lot during her stint with Habitat for Humanity, Paige Butcher proceeded to embrace other charitable ventures. While living in Los Angeles, she volunteers at homeless shelters.

She also takes on commendable causes, including Baby 2 Baby, a charity organization providing a better life for nursing mothers living below the poverty line.

Who Else Has Eddie Murphy Dated?

Before kicking off his romance with current girlfriend Paige Butcher, Eddie Murphy had a handful of relationships. His star-studded list of exes includes Witney Houston, Paulette McNeely, Tamara Hood, Nicole Mitchell, Melanie Brown, and Tracy Edmonds. Additionally, he was once rumored to be dating singer Toni Braxton.

Despite the endless list of women Eddie Murphy has been with, he only legalized his union once. He tied the knot with Nicole Mitchell in 1999. The duo welcomed five children together, including Myles, Bria, Shayne Audra, Zola, and Bella.

Before making Mitchell his wife, Murphy welcomed two sons from his relationships with Paulette McNeely and Tamara Hood respectively. In 2007, his brief fling with Mel B yielded a daughter, Angel Iris.

Eddie Murphy's family | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Although the comedian denied the child’s paternity at the time, DNA tests proved him as the real father. Another scandal rocked the 61-year-old in 2008 when his non-legally binding marriage to Tracy Edmonds ended in just two weeks.

Sources attributed the scandalous break to Edmond’s inability to get along with Murphy’s mom, coupled with her refusal to adopt his last name.

Despite his somewhat chaotic dating life and personal issues, Eddie Murphy prides himself on having a large family that gets along well and is united in love.

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