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Hailey Baldwin Before and After: Did the Model Alter Her Looks for Real?

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Before and after pics of Hailey Baldwin comparing her facial features have surfaced over the years, making her subject to plastic surgery speculations.

Hailey Baldwin recently found herself making headlines over her supposed pregnancy following her appearance at the 2022 Grammys alongside her husband Justin Bieber.

The rumors sprang from photos from the event showing the model sporting a tummy bulge underneath her bulky gown. However, the couple stepped forward to put the rumors to rest, with Baldwin urging rumor mongers to ‘leave her alone!”

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While the pregnancy speculations may have died down almost as soon as they arose following their prompt response, the Biebers are not exactly alien to rumors and speculations. In fact, they have been subject to public speculations over things as personal as changes in physical attributes.

One of the most prevalent has been allegations of plastic surgery surrounding the model since her rise to fame. Several photos suggesting alterations to Baldwin’s looks have surfaced over the years, with most making before and after comparisons.

The listed points in these comparisons seem so genuine that many have taken them as gospel. But the Biebers have something else to say about Hailey Baldwin’s transformations through the years.

Does Hailey Baldwin Have Questionable Differences In Her Before And After Looks?

The television personality has vehemently denied having any form of alteration done to her face, either surgically or otherwise to enhance her looks.

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Despite her denial, speculations of Hailey Baldwin undergoing plastic surgery have become prevalent, with many before and after pictures backing the claims.

In all sincerity, most of this picture evidence has shown some glaring signs of possible surgical enhancement of her face.

However, the model insists most of these photos were simply edited to suit the perpetrators’ ill-conceived notions.

She attributed the glaring differences to the photos being photoshopped for commercial purposes or edited by a makeup artist.

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The star also pointed out that trolls go as far as digging out photos of her younger self and comparing them with her recent photos. Of course, such photos would expectedly have slight differences which do not exactly suggest a facial alteration, but facial maturity.

Hailey Baldwin Before And After

Many News outlets have taken out time to carefully analyze several photos of Hailey Baldwin taken before and after her fame.

These outlets have observed and pointed out differences in facial features like her hairline, lips, nose, and even her eyelids.

These pics and their notable differences have stirred the tides on social media through the years, spurring heated debate over Baldwin’s transformation.

Hailey Baldwin’s Eyebrows

Many outlets have played around with the possibility that Hailey Baldwin had work done on her eyebrow. To back their claims, they pointed out such differences as her brow contour, which appeared straight in her younger photos, and flawlessly arched in recent ones.

While this could easily be dismissed as her choice pencil lining, experts claim these differences could be suggestive of a lateral brow lift and microblading. Some also claim she underwent an eyebrow hair transplant to achieve those rich brows.

Baldwin’s Hairline, which appears more distant from her brows in older pics than in newer ones, has also posed questions.

Hailey Baldwin's eyebrows pictured then and now| Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill
Hailey Baldwin’s eyebrows pictured then and now| Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill

Hailey Baldwin’s Eyes

Some schools of thought believe Hailey Baldwin had an upper blepharoplasty to enhance her eyes. 

Backing the claims are photos of the star before fame showing her with naturally hooded eyes and later photos where her eyes appear wider.

Hailey Baldwin's eyes pictured then and now| Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill
Hailey Baldwin’s eyes pictured then and now| Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill

Hailey Baldwin’s Nose

Baldwin’s nose and its supposed transformation have been her most scrutinized feature through the years, and with glaring reasons.

Notably, unlike before photos where the shape of her nose appeared more like her dad Steven Baldwin’s, the socialite seems to have a more petite and straighter nose.

But then again, that’s nothing one can’t achieve by professional makeup contouring or good ol’ photoshop.

Hailey Baldwin's nose pictured | Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill
Hailey Baldwin’s nose pictured | Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill

Baldwin’s Cheeks

Hailey Baldwin seemingly sports a more defined cheek in her after photos than in those taken before her superstardom.

Many have credited this remarkable transformation to the use of cheek fillers, which could make one’s chick appear more pronounced. Given that makeup or a cheeky smile could achieve similar or related effects, these claims might be questionable.

Hailey Baldwin's cheek bones pictured | Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill
Hailey Baldwin’s cheek bones pictured | Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill

Hailey Baldwin’s Lips

Growing up in the spotlights, fans observed Hailey Baldwin glow through the beautiful smile emanating from her thin, wide lips.

Hence, when those lips which had warmed many hearts for years began appearing more voluptuous, the world couldn’t but notice.

Admittedly, Baldwin’s family also had their suspicions on this one. The model once disclosed how family members from her mom’s side kept questioning her about her lips in hopes of discovering if she had work done on them.

In her defense, Baldwin insists her face simply matured but maintained the same features she’s always had.

Hailey Baldwin's lips pictured at different stages | Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill
Hailey Baldwin’s lips pictured at different stages | Image: YouTube/ Lorry Hill

Does Hailey Baldwin Really Owe Her Transformation To Plastic Surgery?

While Hailey Baldwin has stepped forward severally to debunk plastic surgery allegations, such claims from experts have prevailed.

In 2020, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barret took to TikTok to accuse the model of enhancing her looks surgically. He backed the claims with two side-by-side pics of the model looking noticeably different.

Barret listed some of her procedures as rhinoplasty, lip fillers, and genioplasty. However, Hailey Bieber and her husband did not take kindly to those claims.

Lawyers representing the Biebers served the surgeon a cease and desist order. They accused him of simply using Baldwin’s “image and likeness” to advertise his practice while spreading false, uncorroborated claims.

Barret released a statement in response, saying he simply utilized social media to educate the masses and increase the transparency of plastic surgery.

He also noted that the purpose of his video was sharing his personal opinion as per the request of viewers.

Other Opinions Regarding Hailey Baldwin’s Features

While the model might indeed not have undergone surgical alterations on her face, a spokesperson for MYA Cosmetic Surgery suggested she might have undergone other forms of facial enhancement.

These include anti-wrinkle injections to reduce expression lines and a possible alar base reduction on her nose.

Whether or not Hailey Baldwin underwent a surgical transformation to achieve her varying before and after looks, there is no disputing her natural beauty.

Not like anyone is judging though, as Baldwin wouldn’t be the only celebrity facing allegations of going under the knife. Many A-listers have been open about their plastic surgery escapades, basking in their obvious transformations.

This transparency ultimately reduces the stigma surrounding the enhancement of certain body features through plastic surgery, making them everyday heroes.

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