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Dog Runs a Mile to Doggy Daycare for Help After a Car Crash

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Dog Runs a Mile to Doggy Daycare for Help After a Car Crash
Source: MSN

Dogs are man’s best and smartest friends; they always prove it. On February 24, Melissa Fickel was driving to a party near Detroit with her dog Aries when a car hit hers from behind when the traffic light turned green. Thankfully, it was a minor incident and didn’t result in any injuries. 

However, what Aries did after the incident shocked many people. The dog jumped out of the open rear window and began to run. “I was surprised when she jumped out because she’d never done anything like that before,” Fickel said. 

As no one was injured in the accident, she exited her car and quickly looked around for her dog. She was relieved to see her sitting on the side of busy Rochester Road in Clawson, Michigan. However, Aries did something shocking again. 

“As soon as she saw me, she turned and took off,” Fickel said. “I was in the middle of the road, and I couldn’t run after her.” The 4-year-old pit bull lab mix pup kept running until she was out of sight. Understandably, this caused Fickel to worry and panic, as she could no longer see her dog.

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When the police showed up, she told an officer that her dog had run off. “I couldn’t find her, and I had to deal with talking to the police and my insurance company, so I decided to take it one step at a time,” the 31-year-old said. 

The officer then phoned a description to a dispatcher so other officers around could help look for the runaway dog. About twenty minutes later, Fickel got a surprising call from Travis Ogden, the owner of Hounds Town Metro Detroit. This is the doggy daycare that Aries goes to once a week. 

Ogden told Fickel that her dog was fine and that she was at the daycare. “I started crying,” said Fickel, who shared her story with WXYZ Detroit News. “She’d run straight to her safe spot and was trying to attract their attention.”

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A staffer had noticed the out-of-breath dog pacing and jumping up and down outside the front glass door. When Ogden let Aries inside, she ran over to him and licked his face. The pooch had been a regular at the center for about three years, so Ogden identified her immediately. 

“I love that dog and knew immediately it was her. She’s a really social dog who is always ready to play and have fun with the other pups,” he said. When he noticed that she wasn’t with Fickel, he was worried and tried to reach her. That was when he learned of the accident that occurred earlier. 

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“Dogs are really smart and know their routes,” said Ogden, “They’re constantly looking out the window.” Therefore, the dog went to the safest place he knew to get their attention and “help” for his owner, even though the doggy daycare was over a mile away. 

It was a smart and sweet move, and Fickel was happy to know that her dog was not only safe but tried to get help for her. She gave him many treats that day and took him home happily when they left the daycare. 

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