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Christina Milian Just Had a Baby: A Look into Her Relationship with Matt Pakora

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Ahead of her pregnancy announcement in December 2020, Christina Milian married longtime beau, Matt Pakora. Their relationship has endured several milestones leading to the birth of their son, Kenna.

Heartfelt congratulations go to Hollywood icon, Christina Milian and her husband, Matt Pakora as they welcome their second baby into the world.

The twosome who have been together for three years welcomed the newborn barely a year after the birth of their first son together. While the realization left most fans concerned about the implication of the short interval between both births on Milian’s health, others couldn’t help but envy the relationship between the Hollywood sweethearts.

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Indeed Christina Milian deserves every inch of love she receives from her new hubby, considering her previous dating record. In 2010, the singer’s split from singer/songwriter, The-Dream after less than one year of marriage due to his infidelity shook the world as much as it did the singer.

In a blog post following their divorce, The-Dream pointed out that their marriage had been falling apart long before the photographs of him cheating with his assistant surfaced.

Notwithstanding, Milian willed herself to rise from the scandal, and sail the love boat again. In the last decade, she dated the likes of James Prince and rapper Lil Wayne, before eventually finding her soulmate, Pakora.

In honor of their new parent status, here is a glimpse into Christina Milain’s relationship with Matt Pakora.

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Christina Milian’s relationship with French singer, Matt Pakora kicked off in August 2017, following their first meeting at a restaurant. Milain once recounted how they ran into each other at the restaurant in France, and struck up a conversation on the suggestion of the manager.

Admittedly, despite the manager’s insistence that they became acquainted since they shared their musical interests, she was not interested in meeting him. She only changed her mind after catching a glimpse of the “Popstars” alum and finding him attractive.

They discovered their shared birthdays that night and exchanged numbers promptly knowing their stars were definitely aligned. Before long, they began dating, with their love growing stronger by the day.

Soon, the twosome began discussing the possibilities of having kids. Pakora relocated to Los Angeles to remain close to the love of his life. By the end of 2017, the twosome became the cynosure of all eyes as they unapologetically enjoyed cute PDA moments through the city.

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Christina Milian and Matt Pakora made their red carpet debut at the 2017 NRJ Music Awards.


After sustaining their romance for two years, the duo announced they were expecting a child. They made the announcement in July 2019, disclosing the baby’s gender as male a month later.

In January 2020, Christina Milian and Matt Pakora welcomed their first son, Isaiah, taking to social media to announce his arrival.

In December 2020, ten months after the birth of Isaiah, the couple revealed they had a second child on the way. They made the big reveal via a series of Instagram shots showing off the songstress’ baby bump.

The child, Kenna, joined the family in April 2021, making Milian and Pakora together parents to two sons.


Before announcing her third pregnancy, Christina Milian tied the Knot at the town hall in Paris. The ceremony, which took place on December 9, 2020, a day before announcing her pregnancy, received coverage from the French magazine, Public.

Announcing her expectant-mom status barely ten months after a previous birth posed pressing concerns to fans. These concerns left questions like “How old is Christina Milian?” flooding search engines as many feared for her safety.

Notwithstanding the fears, the 39-year-old welcomed her child four months after the announcement. Even more exciting was that no complications arose from the pregnancy or birth, putting fans at ease.


Aside from her two kids with Pakora, Christina Milian has an 11-year-old daughter, Violet, from her ex-husband, the Dream. She welcomed Violet in February 2010, marking her first taste of motherhood.

As a mother of three, the actress has learned to appreciate every moment spent with her children as she and Pakora bask in the joy of having a family of five.

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