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‘Gossip Girl’ Actress Blake Lively’s Take and Confessions about Motherhood

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Over the years, actress, Blake Lively has dished on her experiences as a mother of three, sharing her sincere take on motherhood.

“Gossip Girl” star, Blake Lively is a mother to three adorable kids who inspire her daily to excel at motherhood. So far, her escapades as a mom have been remarkable, with the 33-year-old running fans through the process by sharing her candid confessions occasionally.

Lively’s take on motherhood has served as an inspiration to many moms through the years, helping them scale through the daunting yet sweet process.

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The “Gossip Girl” actress became a first-time mom in December 2014, two years after becoming Ryan Reynolds’ wife. Blake Lively’s husband, like the proud mom, has a blossoming Hollywood career. The duo became an item shortly after co-starring in the 2010 film, “Green Lantern.”

They tied the knot in September 2012, in a glam ceremony in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Their first child, James arrived in December 2014, giving the couple their first taste of parenthood. In September 2014, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds became second-time parents with the birth of their daughter, Inez.

The twosome welcomed their third daughter, Betty in October 2019, completing their perfect family of five.


With a net worth of $20 million as of January 2021, according to, one would wonder how Blake Lively still manages to keep up with her career amid being a wife and mother. During an interview at the 2020 New York Fashion Week, the actress explained it best, saying she only accepted roles if she loved it beyond measure.

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Going further, she divulged that she was obsessed with her kids, and therefore, anything taking her away from them, even briefly, must be worth it. 


Interestingly, Blake Lively applies the same Motherhood protocols to her romantic life with Reynolds. Lively once revealed that she rarely went out on date nights with her husband, even on romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day. 

She also discussed how motherhood limited the luxuries she indulged in, or how often she left the house, so much so her daughters have grown up thinking her wardrobe items were decorative pieces belonging in the closet.


Being in the spotlight for over two decades, Lively knew exactly what it meant to have one’s privacy stolen away within a blink. And she is determined not to let that happen to her kids. The actress has been open about how she and her husband have strived to protect their daughters from the media craze.

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According to the 33-year-old, since she and Reynold’s experienced normal lives growing up, the kids also deserved a normal upbringing. Hence, their decision to keep them away from Hollywood life for as long as they could.


Keeping it real at all times is one of Lively’s strong points. One way she does that is by acknowledging her family as her “everything.” The mother of three never shies away from discussing the challenges of juggling her career and personal life. However, knowing family came first no matter the situation avails her a level of control over her decisions. 

Another way is facing every challenge one step at a time. Be it figuring out the titbits of parenting, dealing with a full house, enduring mom-shamers, or simply losing the baby weight, Lively knew she only had to stay true to herself and savor each moment. 

Over time, she realized that taking everything one day at a time was more effective than trying to be the picture-perfect mom at all times.


With motherhood comes the responsibility of living not only for oneself but also, the kids. The “Gossip Girl” star has tried over the years to be the perfect example to her children, even at the expense of some of her preferences.

She once explained how growing up was a crucial part of children’s learning phases. Therefore, it was the best time to dictate what they should or shouldn’t be exposed to. What kids grow up seeing affects their thought process, and ultimately, what they become. Hence, the mother of three ensures she lead by example.

However, her celebrity status only made it harder, as Blake Lively can not always control what her children learned from the characters she portrayed in movies. To work her way around that, the actress made a point of letting them know some things were not “real life.”


Blake Lively has been open about her desire to have a big family. The star once went candid about her intentions to have as many as thirty kids if she could. In another interview, she admitted she’d spit out a litter of children if nature availed her the means.

Giving the icon’s family background, and that of her husband, having a large family does not seem far fetched. Lively once referred to her and Reynolds as “breeders,” since they each came from large families, with four and three siblings respectively.

Perhaps these sincere confessions from Lively were outright signs to expect more bundles of joy from the Reynolds-Lively clan. With such perfect daughters in their lives and a truckload of parenting nuggets, who could blame them?

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