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Biden Counters RFK Jr. Threat, Gets Endorsement of His Family Members

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A picture of Biden and the family of RFK Jr.
Source: FoxNews/X

As the November election draws nearer, the threat of Independent Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. keeps growing. However, President Joe Biden seems to have made a counter-threat after getting Kennedy’s family to endorse him. Biden wrapped up a three-day Pennsylvania campaign swing in Philadelphia on Thursday, April 18.

The campaign ended with an endorsement by 15 members of the politically famous Kennedy family. The move, which experts call a counter to the political threat from RFK Jr., has sparked controversy. Kerry Kennedy, a daughter of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, joined Biden at the campaign.

Some of Kerry’s relatives also joined Biden, saying another Donald Trump presidency would “horrify” her father. “We can say today, with no less urgency,” Kerry Kennedy said during one of Biden’s campaign events in Philadelphia. “That our rights and freedoms are once again in peril.” 

Furthermore, Kerry called for the unison of all Americans, despite party affiliations. “I’m joined here today with my sisters Kathleen and Rory, Joe and Chris and Max, and my hero, President Joe Biden.” Kerry added, “In this election, no American can stand aside. We must vote.”

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“In 2024, there are two candidates with any chance of winning the presidency,” she continued, referring to Biden and Trump. “We know them well.” Kerry Kennedy and several of her family denounced her brother Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential bid. 

During the campaign on Thursday, Biden seemed to relish the joint appearance with members of the Kennedy clan. “I tell you what, man: This is a bit of a dream for me,” Biden said. “I mean it sincerely.” Addressing supporters, he said, “You’re my ticket to the White House. You, Pennsylvania.”

Although he is the fourth Kennedy to run for president, RFK Jr. is the first to leave the Democratic Party. Hence, the Kennedys’ endorsement of Biden comes as no real surprise. Many of his relatives, like Kerry Kennedy, condemned RFK Jr.’s bid, saying it was an embarrassment.

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Furthermore, they argue that it could swing a close race in Trump’s come November. “I think, you know, this is the most important election of my lifetime,” Kerry Kennedy said, listing Trump’s dictator remarks. She noted that his boasting of the overturning of Roe v. Wade and other things was worrisome.

“The list goes on and on and on,” she said. “We must elect President Biden, and that’s where our energy has to be.” Realistically, the candidate, currently polling at 7%, has a long shot at getting into the White House. But in such a close race, any votes siphoned away from Biden could help lead to another Trump presidency.

However, RFK Jr. has rebuffed that concern, describing his White House bid as unique from either Biden or Trump. Biden, who has a close friendship with the Kennedy family, has steered away from commenting on RFK Jr.’s bid. But in a show of force, the Democratic National Committee has tried to undercut RFK Jr.’s legitimacy with their voters.

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“A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to save our democracy and decency,” Kerry Kennedy said. “It is a vote for what my father called for in his presidential announcement in 1968.” Following the three-day campaign, RFK Jr. responded to the news of his family’s appearance with Biden.

“I hear some of my family will be endorsing President Biden today,” he said. “I am pleased they are politically active — it’s a family tradition.” He added, “We are divided in our opinions but united in our love for each other.” However, he noted that his other relatives are on his side.

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