Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Samuel L. Jackson Blasts Media Coverage of Caitlyn Clark

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Samuel L. Jackson
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In a classic showdown, South Carolina emerged victorious against Iowa, ending their season with a perfect 38-0 record. Caitlin Clark said a tearful goodbye to college basketball losing as the Gamecocks won against the Hawkeyes.

ESPN spoke very well of Clarke and the Hawkeyes in the game. Of course, they also didn’t forget to include Dawn Staley and the Gamecocks in the commendations. However, Samuel L. Jackson was not really okay with how that went about.

Midway through the game on Sunday afternoon, Jackson took to social media to express his upset with the ESPN broadcast that was hosted by Bird and Taurasi, which he seemed to be watching before switching to the standard broadcast on ABC.

“Who TF @ESPN thought this podcast commentary is a good idea??!! I never knew I needed an ABC feed before!!!” Jackson said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

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Jackson also expressed his opinions on how ESPN went about its coverage and commendations. He said that it is very important to acknowledge the winning team, too.

“It’s okay to talk about the team that’s winning, too!!!” he said in another post.

This opinion wasn’t just Jackson’s, it seemed that basketball fans who eagerly anticipated the trophy presentation for the victorious Gamecocks also felt the same way. Their excitement became disappointment as the ABC broadcast abruptly put on a commercial break just as the panel began to discuss the game, as noted by the U.S. Sun.

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“This p*ssed me off so bad,” raged one fan on X.

“I’m sure if Iowa had won they’d make today a national holiday,” joked another.

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“Watching on ABC in Cincy I think they stayed with it through the trophy presentation… maybe some affiliates dumped out early,” explained a third.

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“Can’t be late airing America’s Funniest Home Videos,” laughed a fourth.

For the Iowa Hawkeyes, this was a second consecutive defeat in the year where they had been falling short in the championship race. But then, after this loss, all eyes seemed to remain on their star player, Caitlin Clark, whose rise over the past two years seemed to be very fast, and she has managed to captivate the basketball world. Clark, while she spoke, acknowledged the disappointment of their loss and talked about the value of the journey and the shared belief within the team.

“It’s certainly been a special year,” Clark reflected. “To be honest, this year was probably more special than last year.”

There is no doubt that Clark was a major face in college sports for over a year and that is why It’s not a surprise that ESPN went all out in covering her. But when South Carolina won the national championship, it seemed only fair to put more focus on the Gamecocks.

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As Clark begins her move to the WNBA, the women’s college basketball now has a vacant spot for a new star for the upcoming 2024-25 season. ESPN and fans are eager for the woman that will take over that spot.

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