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HomeNewsBiden Approves $60 Million Aid After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Biden Approves $60 Million Aid After Baltimore Bridge Collapse

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Following the Baltimore bridge collapse tragedy, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore warned on Thursday, March 28, 2024, of a “very long road ahead.” The Governor noted that recovering from Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse would take time as the Biden administration approved $60 million in immediate federal aid after the deadly collapse.

A picture of the Baltimore bridge collapse
Source: FoxNews/Instagram

Meanwhile, the US Army Corps of Engineers was helping remove the bridge’s wreckage so work to clear the channel and reopen the critical shipping route could begin. The corps was moving the largest crane on the Eastern Seaboard. 

The machine, which can lift 1,000 tons, was expected to arrive Thursday evening. Also, Sen. Chris Van Hollen said a second crane with a 400-ton capacity could arrive on Saturday, March 30.

During an evening news conference, Moore acknowledged the federal aid from the Biden administration. Moore said the state is “deeply grateful” for the federal funds and support. Furthermore, Moore promised that “the best minds in the world” were working on plans to clear the debris.

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Moore added that they will move the cargo ship that rammed into the bridge from the channel. The Governor stated that they would also recover the bodies of the four remaining workers presumed dead. In addition, he mentioned that they will investigate what went wrong.

“Government is working hand in hand with industry to investigate the area, the wreck, and remove the ship,” said Moore. The Governor also said the state needs the quick aid to “lay the foundation for a rapid recovery.” However, President Joe Biden has pledged that the federal government will pay the total cost of rebuilding the bridge.

“This work is not going to take hours. It is not going to take days,” Moore said. “This work is not going to take weeks. We have a very long road ahead of us.” According to reports, 32 Army Corps of Engineers members are surveying the collapse scene.

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Also, 38 Navy contractors are working on the salvage operation. The devastation left behind after the powerless cargo ship struck a support pillar early Tuesday is extensive. Divers also recovered the bodies of two men from a pickup truck in the Patapsco River near the bridge.

However, officials said they had to clear the wreckage before anyone could reach the bodies of four missing workers. “The best minds in the world are coming together to collect the information we need,” Moore said. “To move forward with speed and safety in our response to this collapse.” 

According to Randhir Jaiswal, the nation’s foreign ministry spokesperson, 20 of the 21 crew members on the ship are from India. One sustained slight injuries and needed stitches, but “all are in good shape and health,” Jaiswal said.

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However, the victims, who were part of a construction crew fixing potholes on the bridge, were from different countries. Sources say they were from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Officials said at least eight people entered the water when the ship struck the bridge column. Still, they rescued two of them. 

The crash caused the bridge to break and fall into the water within seconds. Authorities had just enough time to stop vehicle traffic. Unfortunately, they didn’t get a chance to alert the construction crew.

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