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Judge Orders MyPillow CEO Eviction From Minnesota Warehouse

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is facing eviction from a Minnesota warehouse due to unpaid rent amounting to $200,000 over the past two months, according to court documents and reports from The StarTribune.

The eviction proceedings stem from Lindell’s failure to meet rental obligations for a warehouse located in Shakopee, as revealed in court filings. 

The documents indicate that Lindell’s company, MyPillow, has received multiple notices of default, with the latest eviction notice specifying outstanding payments for February and March totaling over $217,000 to the property owner, Delaware-based First Industrial, L.P.

“The latest eviction notice says the company is behind in payments for February and March, owing Delaware-based First Industrial, L.P. more than $217,000 for rent and other charges for the facility located at 4701 Valley Boulevard South,” the StarTribune’s report said.

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During a Tuesday eviction court hearing, attorney Sara Filo stated that Lindell had essentially vacated the premises, indicating that no further payments would be made under the lease agreement. Consequently, Filo requested permission to proceed with finding a new tenant for the property.

“At this point, there’s a representation that no further payment is going to be made under this lease, so we’d like to go ahead with finding a new tenant,” Filo explained at a Tuesday eviction court hearing.

Responding to the situation, Scott County Chief Judge Caroline Lennon noted that an eviction notice would be issued once the landlord filed the necessary paperwork, indicating the progression of legal action against Lindell.

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The StarTribune also highlighted that MyPillow maintains a second warehouse location in Shakopee, although it’s unclear how this eviction may affect the company’s operations overall.

Lindell, who has gained notoriety for his vocal support of baseless claims regarding the 2020 presidential election, has recently expressed financial strain amid his efforts to challenge the election results. 

Despite facing potential eviction and financial difficulties, Lindell remains resolute in his activism, declaring on his platform, FrankSpeech, “I will never shut up,” reaffirming his commitment to his cause even in the face of adversity.

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“I don’t have any money left, but I don’t have anything less than I had before,” Lindell stated. “I had a pickup truck and a house I live in, and that’s it. I don’t drive around and eat with two forks, okay?” In the face of mounting legal battles, eviction notices, and declining sales, the future looks uncertain for Mike Lindell and MyPillow.

However, Lindell shows no signs of backing down, determined to pursue his crusade regardless of the consequences for himself and his business. As the legal and financial pressures mount, only time will tell how Lindell and MyPillow will weather the storm.

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