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Florida Bride-To-Be Sparks Controversy After After Sharing Text From Her Fiancé’s Father

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A recently engaged woman from Florida is going viral on social media after revealing the text message she received from the man who will become her father-in-law once she weds his son. The bride-to-be, Mia Amabile, 27, is a content creator based in Miami. She will marry Alex Rudolph and gain a new family: her in-laws.

A picture of the bride-to-be who shared her father-in-law's text
Source: FoxNews/X

While there’s a stereotype about tumultuous relationships with in-laws, that is not true for Amabile and the Rudolphs. The 27-year-old content creator has a good relationship with the family. Amabile is so close with the family that her future father-in-law, Doug Rudolph, texted her after her proposal.

“My Dearest Mia, Now that it is official, I wanted to take a moment to directly and personally tell you how overjoyed we all are to have you become an official member of our family, and us of yours!” the text read. “We have loved you from the moment we met you,” Doug wrote, expressing how he felt about the milestone event. 

“And I could always see that you and Alex would be together forever!” Amabile’s father-in-law further appreciated the couple’s love. “The most important thing is that you guys clearly unconditionally love each other,” he added. “And take care of each other, and that is by far the most important thing that ever matters!”

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“We are so greatly looking forward to all of the amazing times we will spend together,” he concluded. “All our love forever, Doug.” Amabile’s text on TikTok quickly attracted attention, and many commented on the gesture’s sweetness.

Amabile and Alex Rudolph, a restaurateur and Miami native, have been together for over two years. He proposed to her during a memorable trip to St. Barts. However, Amabile told Fox News Digital that the special moment became “perfectly imperfect.”

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While speaking to the outlet, Amabile said the proposal left her stunned. She said Alex Rudolph got down on one knee during an intimate lunch on the cliff near the hotel. “He reaches into the little beach bag that we brought for the picnic,” she recalled. “And he grabbed the cardboard box, which was holding the actual ring box, and it was empty.”

Amabile said her fiancé started to look pale before panicking and saying, “I don’t have the freaking ring.” The restaurateur returned to the hotel room to exchange boxes and returned ready to propose. “He got down on one knee again, and he goes, ‘Are you ready for your real moment?’” she said.

“It’s amazing. I got two proposals,” Amabile said with a laugh. Afterward, her joy doubled when she pulled out her phone to see Doug’s text. However, the content creator noted that it didn’t surprise her.

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After Amabile shared the text on her TikTok page, it garnered some 3.7 million views and comments. While some comments were joyous, others were sorrowful. “Obviously, it was a very sweet text,” Amabile said. “But once I posted it, I didn’t think it would blow up like that.” 

“My current bf’s dad doesn’t even acknowledge me,” one user commented. “Oh, how I dream of this kind of love one day.” Another commented on what her mother-in-law sent her. “This is the best. My future MIL said, ‘I will not let you ruin my son’s life,'” the TikToker shared.

After the whirlwind of emotions, Amabile and her fiancé asked Doug to officiate at their wedding!

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