Friday, April 19, 2024
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Cardi B Shows Off Toothless Grin in New TikTok Video

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Cardi B posing for shots on a red carpet
Source: Pinterest

There are people who look good sometimes, those who have good and bad sides for photos, and those who can look good even when many other people would look otherwise.

Cardi B falls into that last category despite her boyish charms. Indeed, we don’t know many other celebrities who have the guts to let themselves get captured on video. Especially while they are missing a tooth. We know fewer still who would look as good in the footage as she did.

Cardi recently took to TikTok to promote her upcoming single, “Enough (Miami),” which debuted on Friday, March 15. She urged her fans to wait until the end of the promotional video. Right towards the end, the video cuts to Cardi smiling at the camera.

She was missing a veneer tooth and shouting “Meh-Ha!” in reference to the iconic Amanda Show character Courtney. It was a comical video that left many netizens laughing. But make no mistake, Cardi looked every inch the star she is in the video.

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On an Instagram broadcast channel, she later explained that one of the veneers came out while she was chewing on a hard a- bagel.

Last week, Cardi teased her upcoming single on TikTok. “Me vs. you, and you know who they pickin’,” her lines on the track read. “I can survive in the coldest conditions… B–ches is washed, soapin’ the dishes/ I apply pressure like boa constrictors/ One b–ch, two b–ch, old b–ch, new b–ch, none of y’all not gonna do s–t/I’m in Miami I pull up on cruise ships.”

The song follows Cardi’s recently released single, “Like What (Freestyle).” This makes the song Cardi’s first solo record since 2021’s “Up,” which earned the talented rapper her first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit and a 2022 Grammy nomination for best rap performance. 

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Since then, she’s released “Tomorrow 2” with GloRilla, “Jealously” with Offset, and the Megan Thee Stallion collab “Bongos.” Many anticipate an album; if it comes, it will mark her first since 2018’s Invasion of Privacy. 

It will also mark her first project since she broke up with her husband and baby daddy, Offset. Cardi officially confirmed her relationship status as single on December 11, 2023. According to what she put on social media, it happened sometime before she revealed it.

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She said in an Instagram Live, “I’ve been single for a minute now, but I have been afraid to, like — not afraid, I just don’t know how to tell the world. I wanna start 2024, like, fresh, open. I don’t know. I’m curious about a new life, for a new beginning. And yeah, I’m excited.”

With new tracks she has released and is working on, it is evident that she’s making progress, and her fans couldn’t be happier. 

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