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Republican Senator Warns US Is Treating Migrants With “Kid Gloves” Amid Border Crisis

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Senator Ron Johnson
Source: NPR

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson raised concerns regarding the treatment of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, asserting that the U.S. government is handling them with “kid gloves.”

These remarks, made during an appearance on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus, come amidst ongoing scrutiny of President Joe Biden’s approach to border management. In his statement, Senator Johnson criticized what he described as a “lawless administration.”

“We have a lawless administration, we have Democrat governance in all of these cities creating lawless cities, we are treating migrants with kid gloves,” Johnson told Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus. “Whether it’s through our airports, whether it’s through our judicial systems. We don’t make them adhere to the same standards as we do American citizens.”

He expressed frustration over what he sees as disparate standards applied to migrants compared to American citizens. Furthermore, Johnson condemned the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers for wanting what he characterized as an “open border policy,” which he believes facilitates criminal activities committed by human traffickers, sex traffickers, and drug traffickers.

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These sentiments are echoed by other Republican figures, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, who questioned President Biden’s utilization of executive authority to address border issues. Johnson affirmed that Biden possesses the necessary power to step in but has chosen not to do so, attributing this decision to influence from his advisors.

The ongoing discussions within Congress regarding border security legislation highlight the divisiveness surrounding the issue. While Biden has urged Congress to provide authorization and pass legislation to address border concerns, Republican lawmakers remain critical, advocating for executive action from the president.

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He stated, “The senator was responding to a question about the migrants who violently attacked and beat two NYPD officers last Saturday — four of the migrants were released from jail without bail and are now on the run. The Biden administration’s lawless open border policies are directly responsible for these criminal attacks against law enforcement.”

These incidents underline the broader implications of border management policies on public safety and national security. The debate stresses the complexity of finding bipartisan solutions to immigration challenges.

In response to these criticisms, a spokesperson for Senator Johnson emphasized recent incidents involving migrants’ violent attacks on law enforcement officers and raised concerns about reported instances of illegal immigrants boarding U.S. flights without proper identification.

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Despite efforts to address border security concerns, data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection continues to indicate a significant number of illegal migrant encounters at the border. This ongoing influx underscores the urgency of finding effective and sustainable solutions to manage migration flows while upholding humanitarian principles and safeguarding national interests.

As negotiations proceed in the Senate regarding potential border security legislation, how the GOP-led House will respond remains uncertain. With tensions running high and divergent viewpoints on how best to address border challenges, the path forward will likely involve continued debate and compromise to achieve meaningful and lasting solutions.

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