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HomeNewsAuthorities Arrest Minnesota Man for Murder of Los Angeles Model

Authorities Arrest Minnesota Man for Murder of Los Angeles Model

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Authorities Arrest Minnesota Man for Murder of Los Angeles Model
Source: MSN

“Justice for Maleesa” was a phrase that well-wishers and Maleesa Mooney’s family members resonated with since last year. However, it seems as though justice is just close by. On February 21, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested a 41-year-old Minnesota man for her murder. 

They announced that they arrested one Magnus Daniel Humphrey on a federal warrant for unrelated drug charges in Minnesota. In addition, he is also the person of suspect in Mooney’s murder case. 

According to the LAPD, he is on federal probation for narcotics offenses. He has also waived extradition, and they will take him back to Los Angeles, where the District Attorney’s Office has filed murder charges against him. 

Maleesa Mooney, a regular 31-year-old female, was the victim of a brutal murder in September 2023. She was a model who lived alone, and her family got worried after they couldn’t reach her for a while. Therefore, they called the police to conduct a wellness check on her. 

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What the officers found at her home was shocking, horrifying, and sad. They entered her downtown Los Angeles apartment and saw blood pooling from underneath the refrigerator, according to reposts. When they opened it, they found the model’s body beaten, bound, and stuffed in the fridge. 

She was bound with electric cords before her killer stuffed her in the refrigerator. She had multiple injuries, indicating that he death was not an easy one. The results of her autopsy, according to the L.A. Department Medical Examiner, was “homicidal violence.”

One of her ribs was fractured, and she has multiple abrasions. She also had numerous lacerations and contusions all over her head, torso, and arms. Ever since they found her body, the police have been working hard to find her killer or killers and bring them to justice. Therefore, when they announced Humphrey’s arrest on February 21, many were happy they had a suspect in custody. 

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However, the police have not revealed any additional information on what led them to connect Humphrey to her death. Melissa’s death was quite sad and made several headlines last year. As a popular I.G. model, many people loved her and enjoyed her content online. Outside her apartment, people made a little memorial for her with candles, prayers, and flowers. 

Her sister, Jourdine Pauline, also revealed some extra details about Mooney’s death. She said that the assailant beat her sister’s body so severely that the mortician cried after seeing her. It was quite gruesome. 

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They advised all family members not to see her and just bury her when they got her body. In addition, they couldn’t have an open casket at her funeral. The heartbroken Pauline told NewsNation that it was hard on her and the family. 

She also mentioned that the model was two months pregnant and expecting a baby. “All I know is it was a torturous act,” Pauline said. “They (the suspect) did multiple things to her body, you know?’ The police can’t even pinpoint what exactly took her.”

There was no sign of forced entry at Mooney’s apartment, causing extra worry for the police. As they have arrested Humphrey, investigations are still ongoing, and the public hopes to hear from them soon. Her family of the model is also eager for the assailant to face judgment. 

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