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50 Cent Takes Movie Production Company Out of Hollywood

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50 Cent G-Unit
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Actor, movie producer, and rapper 50 Cent has decided to move his business out of Hollywood to a different location. The rapper turned producer, whose birth name is Curtis Jackson, is launching his new studio. 

Hollywood is the presumed location for the movie industry. But 50 Cent decided to do things a little differently from what was expected of him. 

He has decided to pitch his studio in Louisiana, putting him on the list of producers whose studio is outside the industry’s homeland location in LA. 

In a statement with news media Fox, Jackson expressed his excitement about the studio launch, as this will bring about expansion to the business and brand. He added that his belief in music, film, and television motivated the birth of the edifice. 

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He said the story behind G-unit is more than entertaining the streets; it’s an avenue to raise voices and stories for the world. 

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We are setting up a community that will give rise to creativity, nurture talent, and innovation for more productivity. Moving the studio to Shreveport is beyond business ideas; it’s inspirational, he said. 

The studio, which was born in 2003 is the property of Jackson. The venture has produced a documentary film titled (50 Cent, The New Breed). He has also starred in other movies, like Power, which he co-produced with Starz. 

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The mayor of Shreveport, Tom Arceneaux, welcomes 50 Cent and his G-unit film and television team to the city. In a statement to the news media, Fox, the Mayor, expressed his willingness to give the necessary support needed to foster their endeavors in the city. 

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Jackson is not the first to embark on this journey of relocating his film studio out of Hollywood. Though Shreveport is not the go-to place for a project like this, his decision has placed him on the list of producers with studios outside of the industry’s movie home ground. 

The launch of the studio will create tens of thousands of job opportunities with an attractive and competitive salary structure of hundreds of thousands of dollars more than what it is now. It would also be an avenue where people will be trained on handling the camera in view and behind the scenes, and locals are the primary target. 

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Other producers who have also endeavored to set up their studio outside Hollywood home include producer and actor Mark Wahlberg in Las Vegas, and Tyler Perry in Atlanta, also on the list. 

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In a statement with Fox News, Mark said moving with his family to Las Vegas, the lifestyle in LV is way cheaper, compared to LA. 

Tyler, who launched his studio in 2019 in Atlanta, said in an interview with Gayle from CBS that he feels and knows he has not been given his flowers in Hollywood, but his impact is felt by his audience and those his movie, story, and jokes speak to across the world. 

The actor and producer, who is known for his character Madea in his films, added that his works convey a message and speak the language of his people and audience. 

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