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Where Are Elizabeth Taylor’s Children Years After Her Death

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Before her death, Elizabeth Taylor had four children, including an adopted daughter, and three biological kids from three of her eight marriages.

It’s been over one decade since the world lost the infamous British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor. While bits of the legend remain preserved in her films over the years, her true legacy has been kept alive by her children, who are all grown up now and forging their respective paths.

In December 2022, renowned author Kate Taylor released the first-ever authorized autobiography of the legend titled “Elizabeth Taylor: The Glitz and Glamour of an Icon.”

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The book contains a fresh insight into Taylor’s life and memorable deeds in pop culture using archival materials, unpublished photographs, rare interviews and secret love letters.

Elizabeth Taylor with her children | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Appearing on CBS Mornings alongside one of Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren, Quinn Tivey, the author discussed the book, Taylor’s memorable deeds on earth, her legacy, and how the family has kept it alive through The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Certainly, millions around the world consider her a great icon and even revere the actress, who married eight times in her lifetime. But how many of her children are following in her footsteps? Who are Elizabeth’s children and what are they up to today?

Who Are The Children of Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor was a mother to four children including daughters Maria Burton and Liza Todd, and sons Michael and Christopher Wilding.

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These four kids, now grown up, have their respective careers, which they’ve spent years building. The quad also established their respective families, giving Elizabeth Taylor a handful of grandchildren.

Michael Wilding Jr.

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding Jr. | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

During her marriage to her second husband Michael Wilding, Elizabeth Taylor became a mom, conceiving her son, Michael Wilding Jr.

Michael Jr. landed the planet on January 6, 1953, making him 69 years old as of December 2022. He grew up walking in his parent’s shoes, becoming an actor.

Some of his notable onscreen credits include “Dallas,” “Guiding Light,” and “Deadly Illusion.” It appears Michael Jr. has taken a step back from the spotlight in recent years, as he no longer appears in movies.

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Notwithstanding, his personal life is quite impressive. He and his wife, Brooke Palance have remained married since August 1982. They have one child, Tarquin Wilding, together. 

Additionally, the actor is also a dad to two other children, including Laela Wilding and Naomi Wilding. Both his daughters grew up to become activists, advocating for those living with HIV, just like their famous grandmother. Laela is also a yoga instructor.

Christopher Edward Wilding

The Oberboard" actress with her son Christopher Edward Wilding | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Christopher Edward Wilding is another of Elizabeth Taylor’s children. Born on February 27, 1955, Christopher grew up to become an actor and assistant director, with editing credits in numerous films.

Some of his notable works include “The Taming of the Shrew,” “Overboard,” “The Shadow,” and “Tombstone” among others.

The 67-year-old has been married twice. First, he married Aileen Getty in 1981, but their marriage ended in 1987. He went on to exchange vows with second wife, Margaret Carlton, and the two share one child, in addition to Christopher’s two children from previous relationships.

His three kids are Caleb Wilding, Andrew Wilding and Lowell Wilding.

Liza Todd

Elizabeth's daughter Liza Todd | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Elizabeth Taylor welcomed daughter, Lisa Todd on August 6, 1957, adding a female to her brood of kids. The legend welcomed Liza during her marriage to Mike Todd, which preceded her scandalous affair with Richard Burton.

Due to her difficult labour and eventual birth through cesarean section, Todd had doctors sterilize his wife after Liza’s birth.

Notably, Liza has stayed away from the spotlights. She has two sons, Quinn Tivey and Rhys Tivey. Her son, Quinn built a career in the entertainment world, albeit behind the scenes. He had a close-knit relationship with his grandmother before her demise.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Adopted Daughter Maria Taylor 

Elizabeth Taylor and her daughter Maria Burton | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter Maria Taylor came into the world on August 1, 1961, in Munich, Germany, joining her other children. Notably, the actress was not her biological mom. 

Rather, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton adopted the now-61-year-old as a child during their marriage. She was three at the time and had a deformed hip requiring her to undergo a series of surgery. Details about her biological parents remain unknown.

Unlike her famous parents, Maria pursued a career away from the spotlight and has led most of her life away from the public eye. She is a cloth designer and humanitarian focused on promoting women’s welfare.

In her personal life, Maria wound up marrying and divorcing twice, to Daniel Steve Carson and Tom McKeown respectively. She made headlines years back when she became embroiled in a bitter custody battle for her daughter.

Although not all the children of Elizabeth Taylor delved into the entertainment industry, those who did tried to uphold her legacy through their works.

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