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What Is Liam Neeson’s Net Worth? Four interesting Facts About the Actor

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Liam Neeson’s net worth is over the hundred million mark. However, it’s hard to say he doesn’t deserve it. 

Not many Hollywood actors can claim to be as famous as Liam Neeson, especially in the action genre. Since he rose to fame in 1993 when he starred in the movie “Schindler’s List,” Neeson has remained a top draw in Hollywood. His performance in the movie led to wide-scale recognition for him, and the actor even got an Academy Award nomination. 

Liam Neeson's Net worth
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Before then, the actor had starred in some low-rated movies like “Satisfaction,” opposite Julia Roberts. After “Schindler’s List,” he headlined other notable movies like “Nell” in 1994, “Rob Roy” in 1995, “Michael Collins” in 1996, and an adaptation of “Les Misérables” in 1998. A year later, Neeson landed the role of Jedi mentor Qui-Gon Jinn in the famous “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.” 

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He then earned his first Golden Globe nomination in 2004 for his role as a pioneering sexologist in “Kinsey.” The following year, Neeson returned to the action and superhero genre when he started as arch-villain Ra’s al Ghul in “Batman Begins.” Afterward, he voiced the character Aslan the lion in the first “The Chronicles of Narnia” movie adaptation. 

More Action Movie Success

Neeson had built himself up as the perfect action star, and he showcased that with “Taken” in 2008. In the movie, the actor portrays an ex-CIA operative in the hunt for his daughter. He reprised his role in the two subsequent sequels.

He also starred in films like “Unknown” in 2011 and “The Grey” in 2012. During this period, the actor also starred in the remake of “Clash of the Titans” and its sequel. However, in 2014, Neeson dabbled in the comedy genre starring in the film “The Nut Job,” and “The LEGO Movie.” He also appeared in Seth MacFarlane’s farce “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” 

However, Neeson couldn’t escape the action genre for long as he returned in Martin Scorsese’s “Silence.” Since then, the actor has kept starring in action movies, many of them being very successful. 

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Liam Neeson’s Net Worth 

Throughout his career, Neeson has appeared in over 90 well-known and highly successful movies. He has also won multiple awards for his role in those films. For the “Taken” trilogy, Neeson reportedly made a total of  $40 million. The actor made $5 million for the first one, but his salary increased as he reprised his roles in the sequels. 

Neeson’s film career represents the bulk of where his fortunes come from, and the actor has done very well for himself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Liam Neeson’s net worth is a whopping $145 million. 

Neeson Was Once a successful Amateur Boxer

Although Neeson has made a name for himself as an actor, he started out as a boxer back in his native Ireland. He was just nine years old when he started boxing and competed until his mid to late teens. Speaking on how he got into boxing, Neeson revealed he was at mass one Sunday when their parish priest Father Darragh announced he was starting a boxing club. 

The Father then encouraged parents to send their boys to sign up, and about ten to 12 kids, including Neeson, joined. Father Darragh gradually taught them the fundamentals of boxing; before long, they could throw a jab.

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For the next six to seven years, the kids learned and thrived, and their club became one of the best in Ireland. Neeson further noted

“I was OK, I was competent. I was a jabber, I had a good jab. I had about 40 fights, and I won about maybe 30. I made some very dear friends, and still have some very dear friends from the boxing years.”

The actor was a juvenile champion of Northern Ireland on three occasions and was also Irish runner-up a couple of times. Neeson considered turning professional, but he paused that thought after suffering a concussion at age 16. 

Neeson Fought For Horse-Drawn Carriage Drivers

In 2013, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to enact a bill to ban horse-drawn carriages in Central Park during his election campaign. The measure billed as an animal-rights issue quickly gained steam. 

Liam neeson's net worth
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The Mayor has got support from celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Alec Baldwin, who all cheered his message. However, Neeson grew up caring for horses and decided to step in and defend the drivers. He explained

“I’m in the park every day,” he explains. “I see these guys; I know these guys. There were so many celebrities supporting [the ban], I was like, ‘These guys need a celebrity or two.’”

Neeson subsequently received plaudits for putting himself in the line of fire to defend the drivers. According to Stephen Malone, a second-generation carriage driver and spokesman for the industry, Neeson’s input was a game changer for them. 

The actor hosted a stable visit for the city council to show how the drivers cared for the horses and met their families. The move ultimately swayed public opinion, and the ban proposal was eventually scrapped. 

Just like in most of his movies, Neeson instantly became the hero of about 300 drivers who often stopped him to say thanks for his input and help. The carriage guys also praise the actor for his humility and how he stops to talk to them while walking through Central Park.

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