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What Is Jennifer Garner’s Net Worth? Four Fun Facts About the Actress

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Jennifer Garner’s star power justifies why her net worth is one of the highest amongst her Hollywood colleagues. 

One of the most talented actresses of her generation, only a few can match Jennifer Garner’s acting prowess in Hollywood.  Garner, whose arching exploits started when she landed bit part roles in “Spin City” and “Law and Order,” rose to fame for her portrayal of Felicity in the TV drama “Alias.” The movie would prove to be her launching pad in the industry as it earned the actress her first Golden Globe Award. 

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Jennifer Garner's Net Worth
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Following her success, Garner got offered more roles in movies and the actress obliged. Garner starred in the Steven Spielberg movie “Catch Me If You Can” opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. She then followed it up with an appearance in the film “Daredevil” opposite Ben Affleck. Mark Ruffalo took the stage next when the duo starred together in “13 going on 30.” Garner then starred in the “Daredevil” spin-off “Elektra” in 2005. 

Two years later Garner took the screens again with the film “The Kingdom” and then the indie comedy “Juno,” opposite Jason Bateman, Ellen Page, and Micheal Carra. Garner continued working on more and more top-ranking films like “The Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past,” and “Arthur.” Her portrayal of Dr. Eve Saks in “Dallas Buyers Club” raised her profile further in the industry. She has since worked on further critically acclaimed films which have continued to cement her name into Hollywood folklore. 

Jennifer Garner’s Net Worth 

Besides her acting talents which have endeared her to multiple fans, Garner is also a talented film producer. Due to multiple appearances in top movies, Garner has earned a huge amount of money in salaries and earnings. Her gigantic earnings mean she is one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry. 

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Still, besides her work on the screen, Garner is also a highly recognized product endorser which is an avenue that earns her tons of money. The actress has worked with brands like “Capital One and Neutrogena. Garner is also the co-founder of the baby food company “Once Upon A Farm.” Garner also serves as the Chief Brand Officer for the company. 

Garner’s movie earnings represent a huge category of where the actress’s wealth comes from with salaries of $7 million for “The Kingdom,” and $3 million for “13 Going On 30.” The actress also earns a lot of money from her Capital One commercial. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Garner has a net worth of $80 million. 

Garner Is a Mum of Three Kids

Jennifer Garner Net worth
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Despite her extensive acting résumé, Garner still had to fulfill her role as a mother to her children. When the actress welcomed her first child in 2005, she breastfed between fight scenes in the 188-degree hit. Still, Garner also had to be treated for dehydration. Garner welcomed her first child with Ben Affleck Violet Affleck on December 1, 2005. 

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The actress gave birth to her second child Seraphina Affleck in 2009. However, unlike her older sister not a lot of information is available about Seraphina. Nonetheless, Jennifer would welcome her son and third child Samuel Affleck in 2012. Garner is reportedly quite close to her youngest son and she frequently lost things about him on her social media. 

Garner is a Martial Arts Enthusiasts

Jennifer Garner
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Using a stunt double is a very popular act in Hollywood for actors appearing in action films. However, unlike her peers, Graner took up martial arts to be able to play her action roles perfectly. Garner trained for her role in “Peppermint,” as well as her role in “Dallas Buyers Club.” Speaking about her training the actress noted

“I’ve been training for a while on this. I did MMA skills, gun skills, and knife skills.”

Meanwhile, Garner’s dedication to the craft was also praised by director Pierre Morel who lauded her for being physically fit and being ready for anything asked of her. Meanwhile, Garner also spoke about how reading the action-packed script of “Peppermint” made her want to play the role. A casual fan might look at Garner’s tender frame and not think much of her; however, the actress is as dangerous as they come. 

Garner Loves Cooking 

Jennifer Garner Cooking
Image: Pinterest

Despite being an actress, a mum and an action star, one of Garner’s other interests lie in cooking. The actress loves being carefree in the kitchen and once spoke about how she reads cookbooks like a novel. However, during a recent interview with People, the actress spoke about how not everything she makes turns out fine. Garner who signed a new partnership with KitchenAid said

“Sometimes I really do think about 50 percent of what I make works out. It doesn’t deter me. Honestly, my kids are pretty patient with me. I’ll bake cookies or I’ll bake bread and I’ll forget and leave it in too long or I won’t pay attention and I’ll pull it out too early.”

Nonetheless, the actress spoke about having fun trying something new and explained how baking and cooking for her family is all she cares about. Despite being a baddie at work Graner still loves coming home to cook for her family. Although many might not think much of the actress, being able to play all these flawlessly is what makes Garner a unique and beautiful human.

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