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Trump Calls for Mass Deportations of Non-English Speaking Students

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Donald Trump plans to deport immigrant students who do not speak English
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Former POTUS Donald Trump has always been clear about his opinions on immigration. Recently, the immigration rate into the US has skyrocketed alarmingly. Therefore, everyone knows the country is facing a severe migration crisis. 

However, Trump believes they can do more. In a podcast interview with Eric Bolling, he revealed some plans that some people think might be excessive. The former President plans to mass deport migrants who do not speak English. 

Bolling asked him to elaborate, and he did. He said, “We’re going to have mass deportation. We don’t have rooms in our hospitals or our schools. They go into classes. They don’t speak English. Nobody knows what to do. They have languages that nobody even knows. You have a lot of languages in this world. They have languages. Well, we don’t have any people who understand or know those languages.”

From what he said, it is clear that this will affect a lot of migrants in the country. Furthermore, he added, “They can’t teach them. They’re all over the place. We have classrooms in schools which are loaded up with people that don’t speak a word of English, and the schools are there, and they have no idea what to do about it. It’s a very sick situation.”

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This is only one of Trump’s plans if he wins the upcoming presidential election. This “solution” to the migration might backfire much more than Trump realizes. If the government reports these children, they will be changing the course of their lives. 

What’s more, they would also be changing the lives of their family members. For example, if a migrant family with only one child in school is affected, it also affects both parents. Understandably, they would not want to leave their only child to start afresh in a new country. Deporting that child could automatically mean deporting the entire family. 

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Even if it’s not an only-child situation, most parents would not want to leave their children alone in a country to fend for themselves. Therefore, Trump’s plan would do much more harm than good. 

Several schools also plan to address the language barrier with the students. However, funding is a big challenge most of these schools are facing. They lack the resources and funds to address this issue even though they plan to help these non-English speakers. 

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Furthermore, many people disagree with Trump’s elaborate plans. His wife, Melanie Trump, is also an immigrant who benefited from favorable migration laws before she became a citizen. Therefore, many people bring up her status whenever he talks about implementing immigration laws.  

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Without a doubt, she would not be where she is today if the migration laws were stringent and unfavorable. Melania Trump is also the only US First Lady citizen by naturalization. 

Do you agree with Trump’s deportation plan?

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