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TikToker Claims Women Shouldn’t Have to Pay Taxes in Viral Video

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Image of a movement of women fighting against gender-based violence
Source: Women’s Lives Matter/Facebook

A popular TikToker recently made a post in which she shared some unpopular opinions. The post has so far gained over 500,000 views. The TikToker’s account, which carries the name @Flexylexxxy, suggests that women should stop paying taxes.

According to @Flexylexxzy, the civil rights that women in the US enjoy are way lesser than those of men, and they keep reducing every day. The TikToker is better known to family and friends as Alexa Jay. Jay says she will change tax legislation if she ever gets to become the US president. 

While recording the TikTok video, Jay strongly affirms that she would completely scrap all taxes for women. According to her, all citizens who do not enjoy the basic rights available to other citizens should not have to pay taxes. 

While this opinion may seem vague, Jay is only trying to call attention to the stripping away of women’s rights. According to an accountability campaign website, Fix the Court, a fourth of all federal taxes paid in the United States will go to service the overhead costs of running the Supreme Court. The said costs include the salaries of the Justices and workers in the apex court. 

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However, Jay is quick to point out that only four of the 155 Justices that have ever served in the Supreme Court are women. Interestingly, all four of these female Justices presently maintain seats in the apex court. So, by deduction, it wasn’t until recently that the Supreme Court outgrew its bias against female justices. 

Before long, followers of Jay’s TikTok account started leaving comments under the post. Women make up the majority of commenters, and most of them agree with Jay’s assertions. Some even started posting studies that reverberated some of the TikToker’s points. 

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For example, one commenter posted a link to an NPR report that suggests that women, even working ones, spend more time doing house chores than the man of the house. In another comment, another user cites a survey of medical emergencies published in the Journal of American Heart Association. 

According to the conclusions of the survey, 29 per cent of women who report chest pain have to wait longer than men, before receiving medical attention. What that comment infers is that medics don’t take women as likely to come down with a bout of heart attack compared to men.

Likewise, studies on the pay gap between men and women of equal qualification are no longer news. The disparity in pay has been called out for over 20 years now, but it remains rock solid. Specifically, the study estimates that a woman earns 82% of what a man of similar qualifications gets. 

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It is said that women pay more for some basic services and products, like haircuts and care products. For example, a commenter shared a report by the ProgreWomen are said toe.

The report suggests that women pay 15.5% tax on their underwear purchases, relative to men who pay 11.5%. Though it is unofficial, however, this disparity in prices of gender-specific products or services is called the Pink Tax. 

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