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Thrift Shopper Buys $2 Gold Trinket, Realizes It Was Made By a Renowned Artist

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In the world of thrift shopping, hidden treasures worth a fortune are often just waiting to be discovered by lucky thrifters. Usually, thrift stores are packed with regular items, trash, and sometimes valuable treasures hidden among regular items.  

With patience and an open mind, one could find valuable items in unexpected places. While there’s no guarantee of finding rare treasures in thrift stores, the thrill of the hunt and the potential for amazing discoveries make it an exciting and worthwhile pastime for many.

For one lucky bargain hunter, a routine visit to their local second-hand store turned into a thrilling adventure of discovery. The tale of their remarkable find has captured the imagination of bargain hunters and collectors alike. 

On this fateful day, the thrifter casually browsed around a stuffed thrift store and spent hours sifting through the shelves, searching for that elusive gem. Amidst the regular items, props, and quirky trinkets, the shopper stumbled upon a cast gold metal pizza trinket priced at a meager $2.

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Much of the trinkets displayed at the aisles of your local thrift stores are inexpensive and not worth much. But it turned out that this golden slice of mushroom pizza trinket was created by a renowned artist – Ted Arnold.

Ted Arnold, whose works have gained a cult following among collectors, has had many of his artworks offered at auctions for prices ranging from $15 to $4,000. One of his high society solid gold cast fast food emporium pizzas was listed for $535.20.

Left in awe of their remarkable find, the lucky thrift finder didn’t hesitate to share photos of the trinket on Thriftstore Hauls. The pictures did a great job of making the pizza appear convincing, like it was made of real gold, thanks to the intricate toppings of pepperoni and chicken and the detailed design of the crust. 

However, according to an article published by Doctor Decorum, the rare piece was confirmed to be fake gold and a clever imitation of real gold. But what was intriguing was that it was believed to be the creation of celebrated artist Ted Arnold.

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Overwhelmed by the incredible find, the shopper decided to keep the trinket as a treasured memento and trophy of their remarkable thrift store adventure. “I’m going to keep it as a trophy; It looks like gold-plated brass. It’s super heavy so whatever the base metal is, it is solid,” they happily shared.

Since the post was made online, many commenters have shared their take on this amazing thrift find. One person wrote, “You will get more than $500 for this in melt value if it’s solid and 14k gold.” Another said, “I’m glad you’re keeping it! I was going to say it’s too cute to sell lol.”

Although this thrifty shopper didn’t score a real gold piece for $2, they did acquire a one-of-a-kind artwork that was influenced by a renowned artist and is worth 250 times more. 

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