Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Texas Homeowner Shoots Man Who Allegedly Stole His BBQ Pit

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A Texas homeowner chased down and shot an alleged thief who stole a BBQ pit from his property. According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the incident happened over the weekend. In a series of social media posts, Gonzalez said the incident occurred on Sunday, February 18, 2024.

A picture of Texas homeowner shooting scene
Source: nypost/X

The deadly confrontation occurred when an unidentified man attempted to drive off with the shooter’s BBQ pit. Then, the Texas homeowner pursued him in his vehicle. The owner caught up with the accused thief and his passenger a short distance from the house when he exited his car. However, the sheriff said he confronted the two individuals.

“Investigators determined the deceased male stole a BBQ pit from the shooter’s residence,” Gonzalez wrote on X. “The homeowner exited his residence and gave chase in his own vehicle.” In addition, the county sheriff wrote, “The homeowner caught up and confronted the male who was stealing the BBQ pit.”

While speaking to the authorities, the unidentified shooter said he believed the driver of the vehicle had a weapon. According to Gonzalez, the Texas homeowner claimed he was “fearing for his safety.” As a result, he said he fired off “several” rounds toward the suspect, thinking he was reaching for a firearm.

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During a briefing, Gonzalez revealed that deputies responded to an emergency report on the 15000 block of Ralston Road. However, on getting to the scene, near Kentington Oak Drive, that Sunday, they found the alleged thief dead. 

Afterward, Harris County authorities confirmed a second person was in the car during the deadly shooting. However, they said the other individual in the vehicle was left unscathed. The gunfire didn’t hit him, and he reportedly remained in the car with the deceased man till the officials arrived.

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Although they took the man into custody, Gonzalez said he is not facing any charges yet. The county sheriff also noted that they are still reviewing the incident, and the investigation is ongoing. In addition, Gonzalez pointed out that the shooter is also in custody and has been cooperating with investigators.

“The homeowner cooperated with investigators and provided a detailed statement about the incident,” Gonzalez said. Furthermore, he noted that the unnamed Texas homeowner is not facing any charges yet. However, he said they would hand over the case to a grand jury after investigation.

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“Once the investigation is complete, the case will be turned over to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office,” the sheriff said. “Then, it will be up for presentation to a grand jury,” the top cop added.

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The case received widespread attention and criticism following Gonzalez’s multiple tweets on X. Several users seized the opportunity to call out the Biden administration for its failure to implement stricter gun rules. However, others supported the Texas homeowner’s actions. They condemned the thief, saying he “f***ed around and found out” quickly. 

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