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RNC Allies Vote in Favor of Paying Trump’s Mounting Legal Fees

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The Republican National Committee is considering covering legal expenses for former President Donald Trump. Some members believe this move is necessary due to Trump facing numerous legal challenges.

Solomon Yue, an RNC Committeeman from Oregon, stated that “more than a majority” of members support using party funds for Trump’s legal bills. These bills stem from several pending criminal and civil cases against Trump.

Solomon Yue expressed his support for the RNC covering Trump’s legal fees. Yue’s stance contributed to the defeat of a proposed resolution by Henry Barbour.

Barbour’s resolution aimed to prevent the RNC from paying Trump’s legal bills once he becomes the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. Barbour confirmed to Reuters that the resolution had failed. Barbour did not respond to CNBC’s request for comment on the matter.

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Nikki Haley withdrew from the Republican presidential nomination race on Wednesday. This move strongly suggests that Trump will secure the necessary delegates to become the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

Henry Barbour introduced a resolution in February to prevent the RNC from covering Trump’s legal expenses. Chris LaCivita, Trump’s senior campaign advisor, assured reporters in February that the committee wouldn’t fund Trump’s legal bills.

The withdrawal of Haley and the failure of Barbour’s resolution indicate the likelihood of the RNC supporting Trump’s legal expenses. Historically, the RNC focuses on fundraising to support candidates at various levels rather than covering a candidate’s legal expenses.

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Despite this tradition and previous assurances, the RNC’s voting members increasingly support the idea of funding Trump’s legal bills. Ronna McDaniel, the current RNC leader, is expected to step down during the upcoming spring meeting in Houston.

The meeting may include a decision on whether the RNC will indeed cover Trump’s legal expenses. Trump’s political campaign spent nearly $50 million on legal fees in the past year, as per FEC filings analyzed by NBC News.

Trump’s legal fees are expected to rise due to over 90 criminal charges related to various matters, including the 2020 election outcome and financial settlements. 

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Additionally, Trump faces civil judgments totaling nearly $550 million in New York courts. By February, the RNC had only $8.7 million available after raising approximately $11 million. Collaboration with Trump for fundraising efforts could boost the RNC’s financial position moving forward.

Yue contends that the RNC should cover Trump’s legal expenses as part of its broader fundraising initiatives, viewing it as essential for Trump’s campaign against Biden. He emphasizes that winning legal battles is crucial to defeating Biden in the upcoming election.

According to Yue, the primary objective of the Republican National Committee is to secure Trump’s reelection as the 47th President. Roger Villere, another RNC committee member, echoes Yue’s sentiment, advocating for the RNC to cover Trump’s legal fees.

“I know we will be raising the money needed for that as well as electing our Republican candidates this fall,” Villere wrote.

Another RNC member, Paul Reynolds of Alabama, pointed to its current lack of cash on hand as a reason the committee should help Trump with his legal fees.

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“The only funds the RNC will have (above keeping the lights on and hopefully making payroll) will come from the amazing efforts of Trump to raise money,” Reynolds wrote in an email.

“So the new money coming into the RNC will be due to the efforts of Trump and the Trump organization (not the current cash-strapped RNC),”  Reynolds added.

“What then is my basis/argument for not paying Trump’s legal expenses when it is money the Trump organization is bringing to the table?” he asked.

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