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The Real Reason Hailey Baldwin Quit Ballet Dancing to Pursue a Modeling Career

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Before forging a career in modeling, Hailey Baldwin had dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Sadly, a devastating accident cut short those dreams.

Justin Bieber and his wife have become couple goals since they began sharing glimpses into their lives in entertaining TikTok videos.

Their favorite TikTok genre seems to be dancing and the pair have fallen nothing short of perfection in that regard.

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While Bieber’s music roots make it almost natural to have him perform his social media routines flawlessly, many are in awe of Baldwin’s dancing skills and how she pulls it off like a pro.

The simple answer lies in the fact that the model had her roots in dancing, which was her first love. So why did Hailey Baldwin give up her dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, embracing modeling?

Why Did Hailey Baldwin Quit Dancing?

Hailey Baldwin bade farewell to ballet at a young age due to a tragic injury to her foot hindering her from dancing professionally.

Before the injury, the star had a promising career in the field, having attended prestigious dancing schools and received rigorous training right from her childhood.

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Hailey Baldwin’s Dancing Career

Baldwin, born in November 1996 always had this special pull to the art of dancing. Hence, with the help of her supportive parents, the icon embraced her first love, taking on dancing from childhood.

She underwent her dance lessons while being homeschooled, thereby ensuring she never fell victim to the woes of growing up in Hollywood.

In her teens, the star enrolled at the American Ballet Theatre to further brush up her ballet talents. During her time at the school, she gained more knowledge in the art, and practiced more demanding routines required of professionals.

Hailey Baldwin dancing ballet | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Just when she thought nothing stood in the way of fulfilling her ballerina dreams, Hailey Baldwin suffered a life-changing accident.

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The incident, which the star once reflected on in a social media post, happened during ballet practice one summer day.

It left her feet injured, forcing her to confront the sad reality that she could never dance professionally again, or practice daunting routines. That encounter changed the direction of Baldwin’s life and career for good.

How The Tragic Leg Injury Impacted Baldwin

Being the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and wife Kennya Deodato, Hailey Baldwin did not stay idle for so long. Shortly after quitting ballet, the modeling world came calling thanks to the idol’s enviable physique and beauty.

She eventually embraced the modeling path, first signing with Ford Models. Under the agency, she graced magazines like LOVE and Tatler and did commercial campaigns for such brands as French Connection.

The model, now signed to IMG Models went on to work with top fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, and Moschino.

Soon, she became the industry’s top pick, with her prowess taking her to places she could only dream of. Baldwin eventually attained superstardom as a model, earning several coveted awards and recognitions throughout her career.

The socialite’s dramatic success in the modeling world only proved her path was etched in stone from the onset.

What Else Is Hailey Baldwin Famous For?

Aside from her previous ballet pursuits and venture into modeling, Hailey Baldwin has starred in several movies and TV shows.

Some of her most notable works include a hosting gig on “Drop The Mic,” and an appearance on “Livin It: Unusual Suspects,” as a child.

She has also appeared in music videos for songs like “On My Mind,” and a cameo on “Oceans’ 8.”

Additionally, the media personality hosts her own series, “Who’s In My Bathroom, ” on YouTube. The show has seen her invite several celebrities for personal chatting and hangout sessions in her home.

Outside her trailblazing career, Hailey Baldwin is famously recognized for her marriage to singer Justin Bieber, further boosting her fame. The two lovebirds have their dreams aligned and enjoy one of the best Hollywood romances despite saying their “I do’s” too young.

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