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NCAA Volleyball Player Calls Out Trans Athletes For Putting Women’s Opportunities “At Risk”

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Riley Gaines might be the loudest voice fighting to preserve women’s opportunities in sports. But she isn’t alone on the campaign podium. Alongside hundreds of advocates is Macy Petty, an NCAA volleyball player. 

Macy Petty on Her "Save Women's Sports" Campaign
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In the past few months, Petty has become more visible and forceful in her input on the issue. One such occasion was during a recent interview she had on a Fox Business show, “Varney & Co.” 

During the show, the accomplished NCAA sportswoman shed more light on men’s encroachment into women’s sports. She confirmed that a chase for money fuels the anomaly. “There’s a lot of money in sports, and these coaches, their jobs are dependent on them winning,” she revealed. 

She explained that the pressure on coaches to deliver victory has pushed many to desperation. She also told David Asman, guest host of the show, that the NCAA’s lax regulation has contributed to the challenge. 

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“If there’s no rules from the NCAA saying that it has to be a female that occupies this female scholarship spot, then they’re going to go out and recruit whoever’s going to win,” she explained. “Unfortunately, because of biological advantages, they’re going to go out and recruit men now,” she continued. 

Focus on men’s intrusion into women’s sports shifted to the NCAA after a recent occurrence drew media attention. News broke out that a 17-year-old biological male volleyball player, Tate Drageset, had secured a female collegiate scholarship. 

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Drageset has verbally committed to the University of Washington and earned one of the 12 female Division 1 scholarships for women. Drageset, who is a California-based transgender athlete, will play as an outside hitter at the University of Washington. 

During the show, Asman mentioned how another female athlete in California fell victim to men’s intrusion in female sports. The athlete suffered severe injury after being hit by a ball spiked by a transgender athlete. 

“It’s heartbreaking. We’re seeing it from coast to coast,” Petty responded. “Just last year, we saw something very similar in North Carolina. This is very uncommon for volleyball, but this is what happens when you put men on the court with other female athletes,” she added. 

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Regarding the way forward, Petty believes that the ball is in the court of the NCAA. She believes the NCAA can end the confusion if they “clarify the rules that girls’ sports are for girls only.” 

In the past few years, more women have challenged the culture of men stealing women’s scholarship places in college sports. In 2020, 3 female high school runners, Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, and Alanna Smith, sued the state of Connecticut, seeking to end men’s participation in women’s sports. The federal court struck out their request because there was no proof that the trans athletes’ participation hindered their chances. 

After Riley Gaines drew unprecedented attention to the issue of men’s participation in women’s sports, more women have been encouraged to speak up. Petty is just one of the thousands of women making their voices heard on the issue. 

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