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Muni Long’s Husband Has Never Gotten on Her Nerves: Who Is He?

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Muni Long’s husband is a lucky man. Or is she the lucky woman? 

Long was born Priscilla Renea, a singer, songwriter, and occasional rapper. Her name may not be as well known as those of the stars she has written for. However, Long’s talent is no joke. 

Under her stage name, which she adopted in 2020, she has released four EPs and one LP. Long is also the first independent female artist to top the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. 

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Muni Long
Muni Long in makeup (Source: Pinterest)

The accolade became hers after her song, “Hrs and Hrs,” reached the number one spot and remained there for six weeks. Long is signed to Def Jam Recordings with her independent label, Supergiant Records. 

Throughout her career, Muni Long’s husband has been by her side, a steady pillar of support. But who is he, and what makes their relationship so special?  

Who Is Muni Long’s Husband?

Muni Long’s husband is Raysean Hairston. The exact time the couple first met or how long they dated is unknown because they are reticent about what they share. However, we know that they tied the knot in 2014. 

Muni Long and her husband
Muni Long and her husband (Source: Pinterest)

Hairston is a handsome man who lacks adequate digital footprints. This means there is very little to glean from the internet about him. Whenever he appeared and got photographed in public, he was his wife attending an industry event. 

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Long once said about their love life: “I thought I was in love many times before. But I’m a Virgo, and we hate everything and everybody. [However], once I met my husband, nothing he does annoys me or gets on my nerves.”

Long doesn’t take their intimacy lightly despite their many years of marriage. Thanks to her experience with Hairston, the talented songwriter now believes it is a privilege to enjoy intimacy in one’s lifetime. 

What Does Muni Long’s Husband Do? 

Hairston comes from Fayetteville, North Carolina, and was into basketball in college. He reportedly played for the Lees-McRae’s Bobcats in college. He transferred to the City College of San Francisco in his second year and later to Campbellsville University in Kentucky.

Unfortunately, he did not choose to further his career in sports and ultimately diverted to producing and songwriting like his wife. He has been credited on some of Long’s projects, including “Public Displays of Affection,” “Public Displays of Affection Too,” and “Public Displays of Affection: The Album.”

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Long has opened up about how great it is to have a spouse in the same industry. She said: “It’s always great to have somebody super close to you that you can bounce the music off of. He keeps me cool because I’m very poetic. So sometimes it’s a little corny. It’s great.”

Long and Hairston are the co-founders of Supergiant Records. 

Muni Long Has Come a Long Way

Long is a successful woman with a great career and a loving husband. It is a far cry from how life was for her as a teenager. 

Muni Long posing for a shot
Muni Long in a dress (Source: Pinterest)

Indeed her early life was not all sunshine and roses. There was a time she lost all she had and got sent out of her home even though she had to cater to her siblings. It was a traumatic period, but she never gave up.

Her resilience shone through, and rather than let the circumstances consume her, she turned the pain into a helpful avenue. Long, who wrote Rihanna’s “California King Bed,” has made songs that detail her past life, which shows how far she has come. 

Her painful experience did not define her, and the singer-songwriter has healed enough to open her heart to the world again. Now her career is going well, and so is her relationship with Hairston. 

The couple has been married for eight years, and their love for each other has barely diminished. If one didn’t know any better, one would think they were newlyweds because of their chemistry. 

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