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Meet Sunrise Coigney, the Hero Behind Mark Ruffalo’s Success

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Through his Hollywood successes, pitfalls, and uncertainties, one woman has remained by Mark Ruffalo’s side, supporting him even when all seems lost. Meet Sunrise Coigney.

As the beloved role player of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, little about Mark Ruffalo’s private life is alien to the public. And with vast fame and publicity comes scandal.

Yet, unlike most celebrities, Ruffalo’s private life has not been marred by scandals in the last two decades. Be it a cheating scandal, divorce, or domestic violence, none of the normal celebrity drama that has infiltrated major headlines in recent times has hit the actor’s family.

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This fact has left many wondering if “The Avengers” star was married for real.

Is Mark Ruffalo Married?

Interestingly, Mark Ruffalo has had only one female fixture by his side throughout his Hollywood journey – His beautiful wife, Sunrise Coigney. The two have been together even before the actor ever dreamt of making it big in Hollywood.

In fact, he attributed most of his achievements to the woman, who has not only been his pillar of support, but also the driving force he needed to keep forging ahead.

Before marrying Coigney, Ruffalo had never been married, nor was he linked to any other woman, making her his first and only wife ever.

Who is Sunrise Coigney?

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Mark Ruffalo’s wife Christina Sunrise Coigney is an actress, the mother of his three kids, and a successful entrepreneur. She was born on September 17, 1972, and grew up in San Francisco, California.

She remains a doting wife to her husband of over two decades, whom she resides with in their home in the Upstate New York area of Callicoon, alongside their children.

What Does Sunrise Coigney Do?

Aside from being a glamorous wife and a doting mom, Coigney is an actress with impressive entrepreneurial pursuits.

In 2003, she appeared in the movie, “In The Cut,” alongside her husband. Additionally, she has starred in “Campfire Stories,” “100 Center Street,” and “Line of Fire,” among others.

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Compared to her husband, the woman has fewer acting credits and even fewer fanbases. The reason is not far-fetched, as Coigney made the conscious decision to take a step back from acting, to embrace motherhood.

She admittedly has no regrets whatsoever, as someone once rightly made it clear to her that she could always have a second chance at her career anytime, but not with her kids.

Coigney’s Entrepreneurial Pursuits

While acting may not be in the books again for the actress, Coigney was not one to relegate herself to being a stay-home mom. Hence, she turned to entrepreneurship.

In 2017, the “Line of Fire” star established the Sunny’s Callicoon Pop boutique in Callicoon, New York City. Before that, the mom-of-three, who admittedly found her joy in retail and entrepreneurship, ran a shop in Los Angeles called Kaviar and Kind.

It seems the icon has let her business evolve with the changing times, as sources reported the physical location of both stores no longer existed. Instead, the businesswoman set up online versions of her store through which she sells several beautiful artisan items.

How Did Coigney Meet Her Husband?

Mark Ruffalo was only an aspiring actor in his thirties when he met his soulmate and future wife Sunrise Coigney. The actor once described their connection as “love at first sight,” admitting he vowed within himself to marry her the first time they met.

He made his move and won her over with some convincing. The then-struggling actor resided in a converted garage, but that did not seem to deter Coigney from embracing their blossoming love.

They began their struggle together in a bid to climb the Hollywood ladder. Through those hard times, Coigney remained by her beau’s side, believing in him and encouraging him to believe in himself.

Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney’s Marriage

The Hollywood sweethearts tied the knot in 2000, after a period of dating. However, like their romance, their marriage experienced a rough start, as barely months into the union, the actor discovered he had a brain tumor.

The health crisis required him to undergo surgery. Yet, Coigney remained by his side through those uncertainties, until he recovered completely and got his career back on track.

How many kids Do They have?

Ruffalo and Coigney are parents to three children, Keen, Bella Noche, and Odette. They welcomed their first child and only son, Keen in 2001.

Four years later, Bella Noche joined the family, while her sister Odette arrived in 2007, completing the family of five.

Even Superheroes Have Heroes

Ruffalo may be a superhero to millions on-screen. But off-the-screen he has a hero of his own. In a post from Mother’s Day 2020, the “13 Going On 30” star shared a heartwarming tribute to the mother of his kids, referring to her as his hero. He wrote:

“To My hero. Always holding it all together. A fierce advocate for her kids, always on point no matter how tough it gets.”

He accompanied the post with a string of photos showing Coigney and her kids enjoying special fun family moments.

Nothing Without You

The Emmy-award winner has been open about the place of his wife in his life, and how much of his success he owed to her.

He once admitted that without his wife, he never would have attained such impressive heights, nor become the incredible star the world came to know.

Mark Ruffalo undoubtedly snagged himself a keeper, a feat only few Hollywood stars could boast of. Here is to hoping this loved-up pair dish out some foolproof secrets to their long-lasting romance for the world to emulate.

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