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Meet Eddie Murphy and Nicole’s Youngest Daughter Bella Murphy

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Eddie Murphy had five kids with his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, including daughter Bella Murphy who is following in their footsteps.

Bella Murphy sparked public interest after playing an onscreen daughter to Famous actor Eddie Murphy on “Coming 2 America.”

The young actress won hearts in the feature film following her flawless rendition of the role of the nerdy, yet a cool-fighting middle child.

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Being a new face on the film and the big screen generally, many naturally stumbled over to discover more about the actress. And the most intriguing find was her connection to Eddie Murphy.

Who is Eddie Murphy’s Daughter Bella?

Bella Murphy is the youngest kid born to Eddie Murphy and his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell. She landed on the planet on January 29, 2002, in the United States as the fifth child for Nicole, and seventh for Eddie, who at the time had two older kids with other women.

The youngster is an actress, embracing the arts from her childhood. However, she only landed her first onscreen role in the 2020 film, “Coming 2 America,” at the age of seventeen.

Bella Murphy as Princess Omma on "Coming 2 America" | image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Bella Murphy’s Childhood

The youngest daughter of Nicole and Eddie Murphy, Bella, came into the world just a year before her parent’s divorce.

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She spent her childhood in the spotlight, along with her other siblings thanks to her dad’s job as an actor and comedian. Her mom’s fame as a supermodel also attracted more attention to the youngster.

Hence, she grew up surrounded by superstars, who were occasional visitors to their home. Like most kids, Bella had her fair share of celebrity crushes, with the most notable being Leonardo DiCaprio.

During an interview in the wake of her film debut, the 19-year-old recalled Dicaprio visiting her dad once, and catching her unawares in the dining room, with only her pajamas on.

While her dad wanted the visit to be a surprise, Bella found it an embarrassing encounter, as she ended up freaking out and taking to her heels.

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Bella Murphy Followed In Her Dad’s Footsteps

Being the child of famous parents, Bella forged an interest in the arts at a young age. She first showed interest in acting in third grade.

However, due to her parent’s rule forbidding Eddie Murphy’s kids from joining the film and television industry until they turned eighteen, she did not make her big-screen debut until much later.

Notably, her first onscreen appearance was in the feature film, “Coming 2 America,” where she played Princess Omma. Her character was the second of Prince Akeem and Lisa’s three girls.

Bella reportedly snagged the role at seventeen, which went against her parent’s rule. In an interview, Eddie Murphy admitted he decided to make an exception for his daughter, Bella after seeing just how much she wanted to be in the iconic movie sequel.

Breaking his rule came with the condition that she auditioned for the role like everyone else. Interestingly, Bella outperformed the other potential actresses gunning for the part of Princess Omma.

Her excitement knew no bounds after receiving the news that she landed the part, and the privilege to star alongside her famous dad.

Her role in “Coming 2 America” paved the way for more opportunities in the industry. She went on to star in movies like “Dollface,” and Zelda,” making the teenager a household name.

Bella Murphy’s Height And Weight

Eddie Murphy and Nicole’s daughter Bella inherited the good genes from her parents, with an impressive build, height, and weight typical of a superstar.

At nineteen, Bella Murphy stands at 5 feet, five inches, and weighs 116 pounds. She also has a healthy mass of dark, curly hair and dark brown eyes.

Bella Murphy On Social Media

Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bella Murphy seemingly strives to keep off social media, perhaps as a means of maintaining privacy.

However, she has an Instagram account, @bellamurphy._, where she gives subtle glimpses into her life and career. The young actress boasts of over 39,000 followers on the gram, an interesting figure for a new face in Hollywood.

How Many Siblings Does Bella Murphy Have?

Bella Murphy is one of ten children born to the legendary entertainer Eddie Murphy. In addition to her four siblings with whom she shares her mom, Nicole, the star has five half-siblings from her dad’s relationship with other women.

Her siblings include brother Miles Mitchell, and sisters Bria, Shaaye Audria, and Zola Ivy Murphy. Additionally, she has three half-brothers, Eric Christian and Max, as well as two half-sisters Angel and Izzy.

Eddie Murphy's kids | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

The youngest additions to Eddie’s brood of ten are Izzy Oona Murphy, born in 2016, and Max Murphy, born in 2018. Eddie Murphy shares these two with his girlfriend and now fiancée, Paige Butcher.

Bella upholds her relationship with her siblings and stepmoms and Eddie Murphy has been known to gush about the love and affection existing in his large family. This is also true of the relationship between all his kids, who are set to make big strides in their respective career ventures.

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