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Love & Hip Hop’s Remy Ma and Papoose are One of the Cutest Couples in Hollywood

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Remy Ma and Papoose’s relationship has stood the test of time despite their run-ins with several obstacles including a six-year jail stint.

“Love & Hip Hop” stars Remy Ma and Papoose are the ideal definition of cute Hollywood couples with their unbreakable bond, lasting love and enviable relationship. However, their journey to becoming role players in one of the greatest real-life love stories of all time did not come easy.

In an era of celebrity divorces and relationship scandals, these two have remained true to each other for over a decade. In celebration of their timeless Black love, here is a look at Remy Ma and Papoose’s relationship timeline.

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Reminisce Mackie, professionally known as Remy Ma, met her husband, Shamele “Papoose” Mackie through a mutual friend DJ Kay Slay. Both upcoming music artists at the time, they heard a lot about each other from Slay.

Eventually, Remy indicated interest in recording a song with Papoose, who embraced the idea. Soon after, Slay hooked them up at the recording studio. Recounting their first meeting, Papoose once explained how his to-be wife waltzed into the studio during his recording session, stealing his attention.

They got down to business instantly, recording the track, “Bonnie and Clyde.” Papoose, who admitted to becoming attracted, at first sight, kept stealing glances and flirting with Remy throughout their recording session. However, the latter maintained professionalism, making the track a success. They kept in touch following the encounter.


Remy Ma and Papoose eventually began dating but kept their romance private. Notably, news of their relationship only went public during Remy’s 2008 trial. Papoose outed the news with the announcement of their engagement.

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In a follow-up interview, the rapper admitted they had been dating for a while, but chose to keep their personal lives personal.

He also disclosed their initial plans to tie the knot on a yacht in April that year. However, those plans never saw the light of day, due to Remy’s trial and subsequent incarceration.


In 2008, Remy faced trial for allegedly shooting a woman, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, outside a Manhattan nightclub. According to reports, the shooting occurred in July 2007, after the two women entered an argument while departing from a mutual friend’s birthday.

The scuffle ended with Barnes-Joseph, who allegedly stole from Remy, getting shot and the songstress fleeing the scene. She crashed her vehicle nearby, leading to her arrest.

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Following the trial, Remy Ma received an eight-year sentence on April 23, days before their proposed dream wedding. She served her time at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Westchester County, New York.


Although the couple had to suspend their planned yacht wedding, they remained committed to legalizing their union. Hence, they planned to tie the knot in prison.

Again, the plans fell apart after Papoose was busted trying to smuggle a skeleton key into the prison. As a result, he landed a six-month ban from visiting the correction facility.

Notwithstanding, the duo remained determined to push through with the wedding. They come up with the creative idea of officiating the ceremony unofficially over the phone. Hence they became a married couple about a month into Remy’s sentence.


Throughout her trial and sentence period, Papoose proved his undying love for Remy by fiercely advocating for her freedom.

Ahead of her sentence, the rapper sent out a message to all Remy’s fans and supporters, appealing to them to draft letters to the judge in charge of the case to grant her the shortest sentence possible.

Papoose kept paying her visits in prison, availing the star opportunities to see her son and stepson. He also supported her in filing several appeals to reduce her jail time even after multiple denials.


Remy Ma ended up spending six years in prison. Sixteen months after her release, the “Love & Hip Hop” stars organized a grand, star-studded ceremony to officially mark their nuptials.

A-listers like Cardi B, Ice-T and Keyshia Cole graced the event, which admittedly took just five weeks of planning.


Prior to meeting Papoose, Remy had a son from a previous relationship. In 2016, months after her official wedding, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together. Remy took to Instagram weeks later to reveal she suffered a miscarriage.

Two years later, Remy Ma and Papoose experienced the miracle of life, welcoming their daughter Reminisce Mackenzie in December 2018. The excited mom took to social media to thank her husband for making her the happiest wife in the world.

She went on to tag the newborn as “The Golden Child,” a nick which has come to stay.


Two years after Remy Ma and Papoose welcomed their golden child, Papoose announced they were expecting another baby amid the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement led to speculations that the mom-of-two was pregnant.

However, she clarified in February 2021, that although she already commenced the IVF process to have her second baby, she was not pregnant at the time of Papoose’s announcement. Meanwhile, they remained focused on nurturing their miracle daughter into the best version of herself.


Aside from their daughter, the Hollywood sweethearts each have kids from previous relationships. While Remy has a son, Jason, Papoose has three other children from his exes.

Speaking on how they have managed to sustain their blended family through the years while managing their relationship and stardom, Remy divulged:

“We try our best to be great parents to all of our children, and treat them the same way.”

The task has admittedly been difficult due to certain boundaries, but they have both strived to make it work. In Papoose’s view, it took a lot of discipline to pull that off, and thankfully, his wife proved equal to the task.

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