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Kanye West’s Quotes on Fatherhood: ‘I Have Special People to Live For’

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The world has seen Kanye, the designer, the iconic rapper, the presidential candidate, and the trend-making celebrity. However, Kanye West’s kids are his topmost priority. 

Kanye “Ye” West is that multi-hyphenate celebrity with arguably some of the best talents ever seen in the entertainment and fashion world. But take away all that, and see the typical dad who lives for his kids. 

The past few years have been erratic for the entertainer, with his divorce drama being at the center of it all. But despite the volatile situation between him and his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, Ye’s kids are always on his mind. Here are some of his nuggets on fatherhood.

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kanye west's kids
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1. On Raising His Kids in The Public Eye

In 2015, Kanye was dad to two years old North West, and his second child, Saint, was barely on the way. But he already knew what he wanted for his kids. Speaking to SHOWstudio about raising kids in the spotlight, the “Jesus Walks” rapper stated, “Any situation you’re in, you’re going to worry about raising your kids. It’s champagne problems.”

kanye west's kids
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2. On the Change In His Music

Many celebrities have admitted to experiencing change after fatherhood, and for Kanye, it was his music style. He noted, “Having a family, period, has completely made me rethink the way I rap.”

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3. Kanye Lives for His “Special People” 

The star rapper never hides his feelings when it comes to voicing opinions, but Kanye West can be pretty tight-lipped about his kids. However, this has not deterred him from gushing over them a few times.

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Once speaking on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the dad-of-four opened up on his past trauma following his mother’s death. He recalled feeling like he didn’t have something to live for until he started his own family. The Grammy-winner shared: “Now I have two really special people to live for.”

4. On Prioritizing Fatherhood

Back when Kanye West was a single guy, with his hopes and dreams constantly revolving around music, he spent most of his time either in the studio or jetting around on tours. But there was a significant change in his routine once fatherhood set in.

Kanye West’s kids are his number one priority, and no matter where he went, he always had it at the back of his mind to return home quickly. The star dad confirmed this in his 2015 interview: “Now I’m on the first flight back home to see my daughter.” An insider also once told people that fatherhood was the most important thing to the A-lister.

Kanye west's kids
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5. Kanye West’s Kids Are His Comfort

The Yeezy designer is at his happiest once he sees his kids, North, Chicago, Saint, and little Psalm. While it is no doubt that his ongoing divorce with Kardashian has been the bane of his life in recent times, the kids have a cooling effect on him. He told Hollywood Unlocked: “My solace comes from seeing my kids and getting a solid schedule.”

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6. He Wants The World To Be Better For His Kids 

The 44-year-old acknowledged on the Joe Rogan Podcast that it was a given for any parent to want a better world for their children, and he was no exception; Kanye stated: “No matter what country in the world, whatever continent in the world, all of the moms and dads have something in common. We all want the world to be better for the children, and we can show ways that we are not at odds.”

7. On Not Being Perfect

Kanye West will excel at almost anything and his years of expertise are enough proof. However, the rap maestro has admitted that some fatherhood activities are just beyond him. He once told Kris Jenner, “I’m supposed to be a musical genius, but I can’t work the car seat that well.”

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8. On His Kids’ Social Media Usage 

Kanye is a hands-on dad, and he’s got his own dad rules too. The Sunday Service founder has declared that he would not let his kids be on TikTok without permission. He shared on social media: “As a Christian father, I was disturbed by a lot of the content… We pray we can collaborate with Tik Tok to make a Christian monitored version that feels safe for young children.” Nonetheless, the business savvy star commended the level of technology on the app. 

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9. Kanye West’s Kids Take Him Closer to Godim

During his candid interview with Nick Cannon, the “Gold Digger” rapper wholesomely stated that he was a dad “at the beginning, middle and the end of the day.” He gushed about feeling closer to God when he was around his mini-mes.

He shared: “I feel closer to God when I’m on my knees talking to my children. The lower we get, the closer we get to God. We are earth-bound creatures. We’re gravity-bound.” 

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