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Inside Five Years of Valerie Chaney’s Life as Pete Holmes’ Wife

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Pete Holmes’ wife, Valerie Chaney, ended his search for meaning and purpose. One would imagine that the enormous amount of comic talent Pete Holmes displays would make his life fun and prosperous.

Instead, his marriage to Valerie Chaney has brought him peace and prosperity. When Holmes married Chaney, he said being with her brought him a lot of happiness, and he felt more light and love in the house.

Chaney often tags alongside Holmes to various public events and comedy shows. We take a much closer look into the life of Pete Holmes’ wife and their marriage.

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Who Is Pete Holmes’ Wife, Valerie Chaney?

Despite having a life of her own, Valerie Chaney is famous for being Pete Holmes’s wife. She was born on February 28, 1989, in Arcata, California, United States. Her parents are Bill and Beth Elder Chaney. She has a brother, Derek, and they have a good relationship.

Valerie Chaney, Pete Holmes’ Wife. (Source: Instagram/@valerieandchaney)

Despite having a master of Arts degree from the University of California, Davis, she practices mostly as a meditation and mindfulness educator. Chaney is also a writer and the co-host of the podcast “We Made It Weird.” 

Besides being married to a celebrity, she is a huge social media fan. Her Instagram account is dedicated to keeping her followers updated with her life, family, and lifestyle, and she also uses the platform to inspire people in relationships.

Valerie Chaney’s Career

Following her Master’s program at UC Davis, Chaney taught at a middle school in Northern California. She used her time there to inspire young girls, helping them overcome self-esteem issues. She later joined the REALgirl Empowerment Program in Los Angeles, counseling teenage girls on self-esteem issues and mentoring them to explore their potential. 

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Valerie Chaney also practices arts. In 2019, she opened a studio in the Hyperion Arts Complex in LA, where she offers dance lessons and meditation classes. She is a certified yoga teacher and has repeatedly shared her passion for using the power of yoga to heal and help people connect with their authentic selves.

This kind of thing appeals to Pete Holmes following his deviation from Christianity into multilateral and oriental religions. Chaney regularly travels to teach at workshops and retreats and organizes private yoga classes around LA.

Who Is Pete Holmes, Valerie Chaney’s Husband?

Pete Holmes is arguably one of America’s most successful comedians. The “Crashing” star was born in Lexington, Massachusetts, on March 30, 1979. According to IMDB, his known works are “College Humor Originals” (2006), “Crashing” (2017), and “Don’t Think Twice” (2016). 

An ecstatic Pete Holmes. (Source: Pinterest)

Holmes’ show, “Crashing,” is arguably one of HBO’s most underrated sitcoms. The series was based on Holmes’ real life and his early day’s struggle to kick off his comedy career in the New York scene. The show details his navigating new relationships, friendships, and enemies and how he found a mentor.

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In his 2019 CNN interview with Daniel Burke, Holmes explained how growing up as an evangelical was satisfying until his first wife left him for another man.

He explained, “I thought I was doing everything right. I believed in the Bible – all of it – and didn’t smoke, drink or have sex before marriage. I went on mission trips to Africa, played bass on the worship team, and wore pleated khakis. Then one day, while I was struggling to kick-start my comedy career, my wife left for another man. This exploded my belief in God.”

In his memoir, Comedy Sex God, he said, “I felt like the Lord hadn’t held up His end of the bargain, and I was pissed.” That began Holmes’ search for religious fulfillment leading him to atheism, psychedelic psilocybin, mythology, and mysticism. These experiences have formed the basis of his comedy as he often talks about spiritual stuff, and his memoir, Comedy Sex God, did justice to his story.

Pete Holmes and Valerie Chaney’s Marriage

Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes have been married since 2017. They have a daughter named Lila. The couple are rumored to have met in early 2015 and began dating soon after. 

Their proposal story remains an endearing one. Holmes wanted the proposal to be extra special. When he and Chaney were still dating, she mentioned to him how she always wished to ride in a hot-air balloon, and he kept that in mind. So he took Chaney to Santa Barbara for a hot-air balloon experience with a ring in his pocket.

Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes on their wedding day. (Source: Pinterest)

But unfortunately for him, the operator was with them, and he caused quite a dent in his plans. During an interview, Holmes described feeling uneasy due to the man’s proximity and constant use of the word “gay” in various contexts. Speaking to Los Angeles Times, he said:

“I don’t know this man. This is the most romantic day of my life, and he’s like, ‘That’s Janet Jackson’s ranch. Gay.'”

Pete Holmes to the LA Times

The proposal unexpectedly twisted when the balloon operator’s unsettling demeanor heightened Holmes’ anxiety. Despite deviating from his original plan, he continued his mission. Swiftly, he retrieved the ring from his pocket and expressed to Chaney that he would be deeply honored if she would consent to become his wife.

Chaney experienced a surge of emotions at that moment. Reflecting on the heartfelt proposal, she was taken aback when the Pilot remarked, “Many girls decline.” Instead of becoming upset, Chaney found the comment amusing.

Chaney and Holmes have been blissfully married for over five years and can’t stop retelling the joy of marrying each other.

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