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HomeNews“I Think It's Politics,” Burgum Says About Trump’s Attacks on Haley

“I Think It’s Politics,” Burgum Says About Trump’s Attacks on Haley

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Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota
Source: dougburgum /X

It’s not uncommon to find “Trump” and “racism” in the same sentence. This is due to Donald Trump’s typical racist attitude towards some of his non-white opponents. 

For example, Trump once questioned whether the USA was Barack Obama’s actual birthplace. He was also known to single out the country’s first Black president’s middle name, “Hussein.” He has now done something similar to Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor, by mocking her birth name.

On Tuesday, Trump referred to Haley as “Nimbra” on his social media platform, Truth Social. Haley is the daughter of Indian immigrants who named her Nimarata Nikki Randhawa at birth.

The Indian-American, who prefers to go by her middle name, “Nikki,” adopted her husband’s surname, “Haley,” when they wedded in 1996. Trump intentionally misspelled her first name as “Nimbra” multiple times in his post. He stated that her Indian heritage has prevented her from becoming president.

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Many people found this ironic as Trump is the son of a German immigrant. He has gotten married to immigrants twice, including his present wife, Melania Trump, who emigrated to the country from Slovenia.

North Dakota governor and Trump’s ally, Doug Burgum, tried to downplay these attacks on ABC News Sunday morning discussion program, “This Week.” When co-anchor Martha Raddatz asked him about the ex-president’s deliberate mispronunciations of Haley’s first name, Burgum tried to evade the question. But Raddatz was not one to give up.

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“Please answer the question, sir. Answer the question about why you think Donald Trump is doing that,” she pressed. Burgum responded, “It’s politics.” “That’s politics around the world, and it’s politics in America,” he said. 

“So, do you think that’s the kind of politics that Donald Trump is using, going after Nikki Haley’s heritage, that will bring the country together?” Raddatz asked. “You could ask me the question about, you know, what did Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris say? The vicious things they said about Joe Biden, even during debates nationally televised within that party,” Burgum responded. “This is all the norm for politics in our country. But once we agree as parties, we get behind candidates. The Democrats got behind Biden in 2020. I’m confident Republicans are gonna get behind President Trump.”

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Governor Burgum suspended his Republican presidential campaign when he failed to gain the needed traction. He later endorsed Trump in early January and has since then tried to paint a good image of the ex-president.

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When an anchor on the show asked Burgum about areas where his views conflicted with Trump’s, he responded that he was “confident that President Trump is going to be right on the economy, right on energy policy and national security.” “During the time that President Trump was in office, I mean, we had peace and prosperity in America. And under President Biden, we’ve got chaos around the world,” the governor said.

Meanwhile, Haley has responded to the ex-president Trump’s attacks against her. In her words, “I know President Trump well. That’s what he does when he feels threatened. That’s what he does when he feels insecure.”

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