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How Tall Is Magic Johnson’s Son? Little Known Facts About Andre Johnson, Magic’s Oldest Son

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While it is impossible to determine how tall Andre Johnson, Magic Johnson’s eldest son is at a glance, one could tell he inherited his dad’s good genes. This and other little facts have made Andre quite the mystery.

Magic Johnson is famous for his legendary basketball career which earned him a reputation as the greatest basketball player of all time. However, his on-the-courts escapades ended following his retirement in 1991.

The icon has since shifted his focus to entrepreneurship and being an awesome dad. So far, he has three kids including Andre, EJ, and Elisa Johnson. While he shares his two youngest with his wife Earlitha “Cookie” Johnson, his oldest son, Andre Johnson came from a previous relationship.

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Over time, EJ and Elisa have gradually become Hollywood big shots, making a name for themselves and breaking away from their dad’s fame. Meanwhile, Andre chose a career away from the spotlight.

Hence, very little about his life is known to the public. Aside from his connection to the retired athlete, here are some facts about Magic Johnson’s son Andre Johnson, from how tall he is to his career ventures.

Who Is Magic Johnson’s Son Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson is the first son of NBA legend Magic Johnson. He was born to the former athlete and his then-girlfriend Melissa Mitchell ten years before Magic’s marriage to Cookie.

The icon grew up to become a businessman with multiple business ventures. He is also a sportscaster, a husband, and a father who has taken over his father in more ways than one.

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Notably, Andre inherited his dad’s penchant for spotting business opportunities and seizing them, just like his half-siblings.

Andre Johnson | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

However, he does not exactly match up to his dad’s towering figure, and might even appear below the average height when standing beside his dad and younger brother. But that is just one more mystery surrounding Magic’s oldest son.

How Tall Is Magic Johnson’s Son Andre Johnson?

Magic Johnson is famed for his outstanding physical features, with a height of 6ft 9” which makes him tower above most of his counterparts.

Unsurprisingly, his kids took after him, maintaining impressive heights. Magic Johnson’s youngest son EJ Johnson stands at 6 feet, 2 inches. Unlike Magic and EJ, the exact details of Andre’s height are unknown to the public, as he is not as famous as the rest of his family.

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So to those wondering, how tall is Andre Johnson? Going by photos of the business manager standing alongside his dad, he is quite tall, standing barely a head below the legend’s towering figure.

How Old Is Andre Johnson, Magic Johnson’s First Son?

Magic’s oldest son Andre Johnson came into the world on February 20, 1981. This makes him 40-year-old as of April 2022.

During his four decades on earth, the basketballer’s son has achieved a lot, earning him a substantial net worth outside his dad’s fortune.

He Is A College Graduate

Andre Johnson studied business management at Santa Monica College, graduating with an associate degree in 2002.

Prior to that, the talented businessman landed a job in A&R at Elektra Entertainment in 1999. The opportunity enabled him to work with top stars like Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani.

Andre Is A Husband And Father Of Two

Magic Johnson’s son has a family of his own. He tied the knot with Lisa Meyers Johnson years earlier. Together, the duo are parents to two amazing kids, daughter Gigi Johnson, and a son Avery Johnson.

Andre shares certain similarities with his beautiful wife, including their love for family, entrepreneurship, and giving back to society.

Lisa is the co-founder of a nonprofit called the Private School Village. The organization is aimed at fostering a sense of community among African-American families in Los Angeles whose kids attend private schools.

Meanwhile, his kids look to be gearing off to carry on their grandfather’s sports legacy. Avery is a talented athlete with interest in basketball and volleyball. She also nurtures a passion for acting and has been modeling from a young age.

Gigi is also a sports enthusiast, embracing basketball and baseball even in his childhood.

Andre Has A Great Relationship With His Dad

Although Andre Johnson grew up mostly in his mom’s care, he developed a healthy relationship with his dad. The two share a strong bond, which extends to the rest of the family.

He showed the extent of his love for his dad with a touching father’s day tribute in 2021. The icon sang odes to his father for raising his kids the right way. He went on to declare his love for Magic, describing him as an amazing father.

Magic also regards his son highly. For his 40th birthday, the basketball great shared a photo of them posing together on a basketball court, rocking identical Dodgers t-shirts. Via caption, Magic described Andre as the most amazing son on the planet.

He Once Worked In His Dad’s Company

Following Andre’s graduation from Santa Monica College, he quit his other ventures to take up a job in his dad’s company,  Magic Johnson Enterprises. 

He soon became the vice president of Business Development in the firm and spent the next five and half years growing the company. During that time, he managed the operations of the Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund, proving himself a business genius.

He quit the company in 2010 after landing a job with Canyon Capital Advisors in Asset Management but returned two years later. Upon Andre’s return, he became the Executive Vice President of Magic Johnson Enterprises.

Magic Johnson’s Son  Has Multiple Ventures

Andre Johnson’s thirst for entrepreneurship has continued to propel him to greater heights as he dabbles in other career spheres. He has served as Vice President of Business Development at Mythical Games and as Head of Business at the Virtual Reality Company.

The self-acclaimed Chief Innovation officer has worked with various startups. He has also co-founded a handful of businesses, including the Love + Light Ventures, LLC. 

He Hosts A Podcast Called Please Elaborate

Despite not being as famous as his siblings, he isn’t exactly a showbiz novice. He hosts the youtube podcast “please elaborate,” alongside long-time friend Mike Dupree.

Andre is also active on social media, with over 20 thousand Instagram followers. His bio describes him as a believer, chief innovator, good shepherd, etc. He is into sports games, NFTs, and special family bonding time.

All of Magic’s kids have made their way in their respective fields. EJ is a socialite, fashion enthusiast, and reality star, Elisa has her own sunglasses company, while Andre is making strides in the business world, gearing up to carry on his dad’s entrepreneurial legacy.

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