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How Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Irwin Is Handling Life as an Uncle

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Since becoming an uncle, fans have seen Steve Irwin’s son Robert smoothly transition into his role as the third closest adult to Grace Warrior. Grace is his sister, Bindi Irwin’s daughter, born a little over a year ago.

Since 2020, the Australia Zoo owners, the Irwins, have witnessed a series of family milestones, starting with Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi Irwin’s wedding in 2020. Presently Bindi is a mom-of-one and has been navigating motherhood in the spotlight.

The baby’s birth also made Steve Irwin’s son, Robert, an uncle who can’t help but heavily dote on his little niece. Following Grace’s birth, Robert has made headlines for how the pair have been bonding. Here’s a look through his life as an uncle.

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Grace Warrior Joins The Irwin-Powell Family

Bindi and her husband, Chandler Powell, welcomed their first child Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, precisely one year after they tied the knot. Baby Grace joined her wildlife-loving family on her parents’ wedding anniversary.

Bindi had announced her jolly arrival on Instagram sharing intricate details about Grace’s birth, including the thought-provoking meanings of her names. The little one was named to honor her ancestors and courageous grandfather, Steve Irwin. 

Steve Irwin's son
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Uncle Robert Heavily Dotes

Grace was still an infant when her uncle Robert sweetly opened up about all the fun activities he lined up for their playdates and moments together. Robert took to Instagram to celebrate the little one’s birth.

The “Crikey! It’s The Irwins” star shared a series of snapshots of himself bonding with the then one-month-old baby. Some of the photos also showed him and Grace posing with her parents and grandmother, Terri Irwin. Steve Irwin’s son heartily captioned:

Being Grace’s uncle is awesome!! I can’t wait to watch this little warrior grow up and take on the world – I reckon she’ll be running the zoo in no time!”

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The 18-year-old mentioned that he felt “honored” that he would get to share his childhood experiences and all that he has learned with Grace. Robert chimed that he could not wait for the baby girl “to take on the world” and run the zoo “in no time!”

Inside Robert’s Bond With Grace Warrior

Steve Irwin’s son is totally smitten, and he never fails to show it off. When Robert is off the range, where he spends time with crocs and does daring things, he returns home for some family moments.

It is safe to say his latest favorite family member is his toddler niece, and he makes sure to spend quality time with her. Robert and Grace are an adorable duo, whether going on a walk or simply posing for the camera. 

In one of his many Instagram shares, Robert proved to be the fun uncle as he was photographed holding Grace in his arms and giving her all his attention. At another time, Bindi showed Robert hanging out with her hubby and Grace during a walk. 

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The wildlife conservationist gushed over her brother in her caption, referring to him as a “funcle.” From the look of things, one could say Bindi agrees Robert is a “fun uncle.” 

Robert On Being An Uncle 

Once speaking about his uncle-duties, Robert stated he was proud of his one-year-old niece. However, he came clean with the uncle duty he would not want to try again. 

The award-winning young photographer recalled his attempt at changing Grace’s diaper. He stated that Bindi tried putting him through, but while Grace was on the changing table, there was an “absolute explosion.”

Robert shared that he emptied the whole wipe pack on cleaning Grace and just knew he would not want to try changing diapers anymore. Diapers might not be Robert’s thing, but he sure has big plans for his beloved niece.

Steve Irwin’s son is the doting uncle who will ensure Grace Warrior will be living up to her thoughtful name at the age of five. Robert has shared that he would ensure she is running the Australia Zoo and feeding crocs even as a toddler. 

The crocodile expert shared with fans on GMA that he planned to make sure Grace had a lot of fun as she grew older. He acknowledged wanting her to choose her path but making sure to carry on Steve Irwin’s legacy.

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